Peter Chou, the former chief executive of HTC, will return to the VR market this year and try to make the best VR head show. The xrspacemova, however, is more like a task in the magic ring than the HTC Viva headset, because it doesn’t need to be tethered to any PC or smartphone in its independent form.

Mova plans to go public in the third quarter of this year, similar to the suspended oculus quest. Like oculus’s independent HMD, Mova does not need an external base station for tracking. Instead, Mova is equipped with two cameras at the front to immediately track the user’s hands and their movements.

The Mova has a built-in 5g snapdragon processor 845 that supports annd running AA. It runs at a clock speed of 2.8GhZ, which is faster than Quest’s 2.45GHz snapdragon CPU 835.

Those who want to fix things can buy physical controllers for Mova. You can also add external tracking sensors, which xrspace can compare with htcvivetracker.

The price of Mova is $599, which is $100 more than the highest model of oculus quest. Although it has the manual tracking function out of the box, the experimental manual tracking function of quest has only recently been released in beta and is now available for free use by third parties. Developers add it to their applications. So, in addition to more powerful processors, what new features does Mova offer?

Well, remember Playstation home? Second life? What episode of the future world do they visit on the Internet? Think about that, but in virtual reality. The Mova, called MANOVA, will come with a “vast virtual world”, which includes self photo generated avatars, private residential / chat area, public city center, virtual conference room and an area called “magic LOHAS”, with a focus on “healthy exercise and activities”. This is not completely unheard of. Linden labs, founder of second life, once tried the same thing on sansar, a similar VR world. The company was eventually sold off when it failed to generate revenue. But Zhou thinks MANOVA is different.

“I think the difference is that they designed the first pair of these things based on PC, and then they tried to put it in VR,” he said, according to the edge. “They don’t have a good digital avatar, and they don’t have a comprehensive consideration of the mass market consumers who use it.

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