Qualcomm Xiaolong 865 unveiled in Hawaii. Oppo, Xiaomi and other brands will launch Xiaolong 865 models in the first quarter of next year. In addition, Motorola will also release related products.

On December 4, according to phone arena, Motorola said at the Xiaolong technology summit that Lenovo and Motorola will launch a series of mobile phone products to lead the 5g era, including medium and high-end models. At the same time, Motorola will also launch Xiaolong 765 and Xiaolong 865 models.

Motorola expressed the hope that these products will revive moto’s morale in high-end flagship products and are expected to appear in early 2020.

Motorola did not disclose the specific release date. Foreign media speculate that Motorola may launch Xiaolong 865 flagship on MWC in 2020, which is worth looking forward to for Motorola’s old users.

Foreign media pointed out that with the decline of LG, HTC and other mobile phone brands, the flagship mobile phone market has been divided by apple, Samsung and other brands. In the United States, Motorola’s return to the high-end flagship market will trigger a new round of competition in the mobile phone industry.

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