Motorola silk slide, which has experienced ups and downs in recent years, has not been able to find its own right direction, but there is no doubt that the feelings and memories of the fans have not been erased. Whenever the brand makes big moves, everyone will immediately pay attention and wait-and-see. Starting from the previous year, the Motorola rarz folding replica with flexible curved screen and folding mobile phone design scheme may be coming soon. It is reported that this heavyweight product will appear in IFA 2019, the international consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin.

Motorola replica folding flexible touch screen rarz will be available soon

Perhaps the word rarz is relatively unfamiliar to ordinary consumers, but the familiar moto V3 belongs to the rarz series. The Motorola rarz series can be said to have a design concept beyond the trend and reliable product performance, which can be seen from the product sales performance of the series in that year.

The upcoming folding flexible screen rarz will reproduce the general body appearance design of rarz series, but a flexible screen will be embedded inside to replace the physical buttons of early products with a touch area. The biggest difference from several current folding screen mobile phones is that the folding flexible screen rarz can achieve better versatility and portability, and will be one of the ideal folding mobile phone solutions.

Motorola replica folding flexible touch screen rarz will be available soon

However, it is also reported that the specific parameters of the folding flexible screen rarz may not be as strong as expected. Its folded screen size is about 6.36 inches, still maintains 1080p resolution, and may be equipped with Samsung exynos 9 series chips. Once the folding flexible screen rarz is released, it will be the day when Motorola returns to the stage and gets attention. Whether it can stand up depends on the follow-up development.

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