Russian operator MTS announced that it plans to start selling Lenovo’s Motorola edge + smartphone in the near future and launch the country’s first terminal compatible with 5g millimeter wave band.

The operator said that before that, the terminal had conducted a series of successful tests using 24.25ghz-24.65ghz spectrum in its 5g pilot area.

Motorola edge + smartphone will become the first terminal compatible with 5g millimeter wave band in Russia

Victor belov, chief technology officer of MTS, praised the test and upcoming sales as “another step towards the future 5g ecosystem”, and pointed out that millimeter wave networks and terminals will allow users to “obtain a wide range of services at the speed of G bits”.

In April this year, Lenovo released Motorola edge +, detailing its plans to initially sell the terminal in the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and then expand to Europe, India and some Latin American markets.

The sub-6ghz spectrum often used in 5g can provide greater coverage, while the millimeter wave spectrum can provide faster speed.

The initial interest in millimeter wave mainly came from U.S. operators, but in 2019, Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm, predicted that Russia would be one of the first countries to put the spectrum into use.

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