New Wi Fi halow ™ Certification solutions will bring innovation to a large number of low-power, long-distance Internet of things applications.


Morse microelectronics is one of the first companies to announce the industry’s first Wi Fi certified halow reference design and the industry’s first 8MHz reference design

The Wi Fi Alliance announced Wi Fi certified halow, demonstrating Morse microelectronics’ leading position in technology

November 2, 2021, Sydney, Australia and Irvine, California, USA – reshaping Wi Fi for the Internet of things (IOT) ® Morse microelectronics, a fabless semiconductor company, today announced the launch of the industry’s first batch of Wi Fi certified ™ HaLow ™ One of the solutions and the industry’s first 8MHz reference design demonstrate the company’s leading position in technology. Morse microelectronics is the official test platform supplier of Wi Fi halow and helps promote the Wi Fi alliance ® Availability of Wi Fi halow 802.11ah certification project. Morse microelectronics actively promotes Wi Fi alliance certification and has been in a rapid development stage in Wi Fi halow certification.

Morse microelectronics is one of the first semiconductor companies that can be deployed by customers to provide certified Wi Fi halow chipsets, modules and reference designs. The upcoming Internet of things products based on Morse microelectronics Wi Fi halow solution have been ready for Wi Fi certification. These products will benefit from the interoperability of multiple manufacturers, accelerated time to market and consumer acceptance.

Michael de nil, co-founder and CEO of Morse microelectronics, said: “The breakthrough potential of expanding Wi Fi to the frequency band below 1GHz, which is already a revolutionary feature, cannot be underestimated. In opening a new era of remote, low-power and high-capacity Wi Fi halow experience for consumers, we appreciate the leadership role of the Wi Fi alliance. As a leading Wi Fi halow innovator, we have made a lot of investment in R & D to ensure that there is a bright future in the market Provide SOC and modules with extraordinary advantages different from any Wi Fi or lpwan technology today. For consumers and enterprises, from smart home, smart city to industrial market, and all applications in between, adding Wi Fi halow in the frequency band below 1GHz will change the rules of the game. “

Kevin Robinson, vice president of marketing of Wi Fi alliance, said: “By actively participating in the research and development of Wi Fi alliance certification projects, companies like Morse microelectronics are helping to accelerate the market’s recognition of Wi Fi halow as a standard based long-distance, low-power Internet of things connection solution. Wi Fi certified halow devices and products realize smart buildings, smart cities, industry and agriculture by running Wi Fi in the sub GHz spectrum Various applications in the industry environment have greatly expanded the scope of WiFi application scenarios. “

Industry leading Wi Fi halow solution

Morse microelectronics is a leading supplier of Wi Fi halow system chip (SOC) and module products. These SOCS and modules, combined with the company’s easy-to-use evaluation suite and reference design, give early partners and key customers the opportunity to evaluate the market-leading throughput, energy efficiency and expansion of the company’s Wi Fi halow solution.

Morse microelectronics’ diversified product portfolio of SOC, modules, software, IP and patents has played a key role in accelerating the deployment of Wi Fi halow in multiple industries. Morse microelectronics’ comprehensive Wi Fi halow product portfolio includes the industry’s smallest, fastest and lowest power consumption IEEE 802.11ah compliant SOC. The mm6104 SOC supports 1MHz, 2MHz and 4MHz channel bandwidths. The higher performance mm6108 SOC supports 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz and 8 MHz bandwidth, can provide throughput of tens of Mbps, and supports HD video streaming. These Wi Fi halow SOCS provide 10x range, 100x area and 1000x capacity of traditional Wi Fi solutions.

Wi Fi certified halow dedicated platform

Morse microelectronics’ Wi Fi halow platform conforms to IEEE 802.11ah standard in design and is expected to redefine the low-power and long-distance Wi Fi connection of the Internet of things. Mm6108 and mm6104 SOC provide a single-chip Wi Fi halow solution integrating radio, phy and MAC, providing data rates from tens of Mbps to hundreds of Kbps in the farthest range. The radio supports operation in the sub GHz ISM band between 850 MHz and 950 MHz worldwide.

Mm6108 and mm6104 RF interfaces provide the choice of using on-chip amplifier for typical low-power and low-cost Internet of things devices, or provide additional external PCB mounted power amplifier (PA) or front-end module (FEM) for ultra long-distance applications. The RF receiver uses a high linear low noise amplifier (LNA).

The low-power IC Design of Morse microelectronics, combined with IEEE 802.11ah standard, can prolong sleep time, reduce the power consumption of battery operated client devices, and achieve longer battery life than other existing IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax generations.

Main features of Morse microelectronics Wi Fi certified halow platform

● IEEE 802.11ah Wi Fi halow transceiver for low-power, long-distance Internet of things applications

● support global radio with frequency band below 1GHz

● on chip power amplifier, supporting external PA / LNA options

● power management unit (PMU), which supports ultra-low power consumption operation mode

● WPA3 security

● SDIO 2.0 and SPI host interface options

● GPIO / UART / I2C / PWM peripheral options

● 6 mm x 6 mm qfn48 package

Sample acquisition method

Morse microelectronics’ Wi Fi halow Evaluation Kit, as well as samples of mm6108 and mm6104 SOC and modules, are now available to major customers.

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