After the epidemic in 2020, people once again realize the irreplaceable role of PC in learning, entertainment and work. In the high-frequency computer environment, it is particularly important to have a PC with excellent performance.

In September 2020, Intel released a new Evo platform for laptops. Evo platform upgrades the components, technology, appearance and other aspects of laptops in an all-round way, making the comprehensive experience of laptops higher, including but not limited to: faster, more durable and more beautiful.


Therefore, Evo platform puts forward higher requirements for computer hardware. In addition to carrying at least 256gb of PCI / nvmesds, Evo platform also proposes a very strict technical condition that the time from sleep to wake-up should not be more than 1 second. This alone is enough to make many current high-performance laptops dwarfed. The “one second wake-up” function can only be realized through the certification of Intel modern standby and microsoftihv.

Facing the severe hardware challenge of Evo platform, p78apciessd, the “star product” of foresee SSD product line, with its excellent performance and excellent low-power performance, successfully passed the Intel modern standby certification and microsoftihv self-test certification in January 2021, and has been officially applied in the evo platform launched by Intel.


(Intel modernstandby successfully certified)


(Microsoft IHV successfully certified)

In addition, p78apciessd has passed unh-iol certification.

Unh-iol (University of New Hampshire interoperability laboratory) is a famous open laboratory in the industry, which provides testing services in many fields. Unh-iol defines nvme test suites, including:



The certification shows that p78apciessd has great advantages in performance and low power management.

pIYBAGAdEZ2AE2lFAAM6f_ cXV6w343.png

(UNH-IOLNVMe ™ Successful certification)

It is worth mentioning that this time, we can quickly pass a number of certification, thanks to its main product advantages. P78apciessd adopts longsys self-developed firmware, and supports low-temperature power consumption l1.2 function. It can achieve lower power consumption, maintain excellent read-write performance, and greatly improve the endurance of terminal equipment. In addition, p78apciessd also supports temperature control algorithm to balance speed and temperature in continuous operation, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of products in operation.



(main parameters of p78apciessd)

P78apciessd has passed many tests and won many platform certifications, greatly improving the product compatibility and reliability. As one of the few products that can pass these certification in China, forcessd has given customers a product guarantee at the beginning of the new year and successfully won the admission ticket of pcoem.

In 2020, the foresee SSD product line is only a small step in the blueprint. In 2021, foresee will continue to improve the quality and compatibility of SSD products, promote the “hard power” of PC application market, and build a solid product force. In addition, following the development trend of 5g, big data, AI, cloud computing and other applications, the foresee SSD product division has increased investment in enterprise SSD products, established a Shanghai R & D center, focusing on the technology research and development of foresee enterprise SSD products, adding color to the server and data center market.

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