Industry analysts said that arm’s move is preparing for listing in the United States.

According to foreign media reports, chip designer arm announced today that it plans to spin off its two major Internet of things businesses, Pelion IOT platform and treasure data, which will be operated by its parent company Softbank group.

Arm was acquired by Softbank at a price of US $32 billion in 2016. The company licensed its technology to many famous semiconductor, software and OEM manufacturers in the world. More than 95% of smartphones and tablets in the world adopt arm architecture. The spin off business is that arm is seeking to focus entirely on semiconductor IP services to improve its position in the mobile market.

Specifically, the two stripped businesses are mainly focused on data software and services, while the business of Internet of things computing IP is retained. In addition, arm also said that it plans to cooperate with ISG (Internet of things service group).

More than 95% of smartphones and tablets in the world adopt arm architecture

Stripping these two Internet of things businesses still needs to wait for the review of arm’s board of directors and standards regulators. If everything goes well, the transaction will be completed in September this year.

It is worth noting that just this week, sources revealed that Softbank is considering re listing arm on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Combined with this news, some industry analysts said that the spin off may be to prepare for arm’s listing in the United States, which is conducive to its more brilliant earnings figures.

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