Due to dissatisfaction with 5g speed and operator services, more than 560000 5g users in South Korea recently returned to 4G network.

Hong Zhenmin, a member of South Korea’s Broadcasting and Communication Commission, said recently that as many as 562656 people had switched back to 4G service from 5g due to consumers’ dissatisfaction with the poor quality, insufficient coverage and high charges of 5g, according to Nikkei Asia review.

On April 3, 2019, South Korea became the first country in the world to provide 5g communication services. However, due to poor connectivity, a large number of South Korean consumers cancelled 5g contracts and returned to 4G network.

By the end of August, the number of 5g users returned to 4G accounted for 6.5% of the total number of 5g users of sktelecom, KT and lguplus.

Hong said the procedure for changing the contract was complicated, but consumers insisted on changing the contract because they were disgusted by the poor quality, insufficient coverage and high fees of 5g.

Some users said that switching 5g would lead to faster power consumption of mobile phone battery, and could not achieve the desired speed.

At first, the South Korean government and mobile operators claimed that 5g transmission speed is 20 times faster than 4glte, but in fact, the average 5g transmission speed of operators is only four times faster than 4glte.

In addition, 5g coverage is mainly limited to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and six major cities.

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