Lora gateway is a very important component in Lora networking. Although cheap Lora modules can also be directly used to build a simple point-to-point network, it limits the practicability of Lora. In addition to performance factors, ordinary cheap Lora gateway based on RPI does not implement a complete lorawan protocol.

The most obvious way to set up your own lorawan network is to get an off the shelf gateway such as matchbox, which can be easily installed and configured using the built-in web interface.

However, if you need something more flexible, rakwireless rak833 may be an interesting choice. As an industrial lorawan gateway, you can plug into the mini PCIe slot of an advanced router or computer.

Rak833 card specification:

• Lora connection

• Semtech sx1301 digital baseband chip for outdoor lorawan gateway

• 2x Semtech sx1255 / 7 TX / RX front end

• 49 Lora demodulators, 10 parallel demodulation paths

• frequency – 433 MHz, 470 MHz, 868 MHz and 915 MHz

• TX power – up to 25 dBm

• receiving sensitivity — 140 dBm

• host interface – 52 pin MPIE edge connector with USB and SPI (via ft2232h) signals;

• power supply voltage – 3.3V compatible with 3G / LTE MPIE card

• dimensions – 50.95 x 30 mm

The card comes with an external antenna and should be used with any Linux device with a mini PCIe slot using the same “rak831_loragateway” software as the rak831 Lora gateway module. You can also find hardware and software documentation on the rakwireless website.

If you do not have a host device, you can use the rak833-evb-kit to evaluate the mini PCIe card, which combines the rak634 WiFi router module with the MediaTek mt7628n chipset running openwrt and provides the following interfaces: 2 Ethernet ports, microSD slots, 2 micro USB ports and DC jacks.

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