Modern mechanical equipment is very similar to human body. Through continuous evolution, mechanical equipment is gradually “evolving” into sophisticated technology and process.

The special computing equipment is used as brain, the frame of mechanical equipment constitutes skeleton, and the motor, conveyor belt and robot of the machine can be regarded as muscle, responsible for lifting, propulsion, assembly and pallet packaging. Ubiquitous sensors represent five senses, alert monitoring of the surrounding environment. The programmable logic controller (PLC) is located in the center of the mechanical equipment, which can synchronize the movement and ensure the safety of logic and function, so as to provide protection for the personnel, materials and mechanical equipment in the factory.

Each connection point must be wired and fully tested before delivery, and then disassembled and transported to the customer’s site for reassembly. Debugging often requires the participation of electricians and engineers. In addition, every time the wiring and wiring work is repeated, it will increase the risk for the machine manufacturer. In addition, in the factory, the routine maintenance or troubleshooting of many motors and drives also requires hundreds of contacts to be disconnected and reconnected before the problem can be found and solved.

Machine manufacturers are interested in simplifying the commissioning and maintenance of mechanical equipment. Modular connectivity can bring significant advantages.

·Significantly shorten the debugging time

·Excellent mechanical stability and mechanical properties, IEC standardized

·Speed up maintenance and troubleshooting

·Reduce downtime and improve productivity

In the machine equipment, if the customized modular components are used, the technicians can quickly disconnect the machine, and then directly insert it into the portable test equipment. Modularity can provide sufficient flexibility and scalability for rapid configuration, modification or expansion of machines and production lines.

Figure 1: Molex’s product portfolio includes a series of modular airborne and in cabinet power, signal and data solutions.

Industrial plants and processes are in a relatively harsh working environment, and the liquid, dust and other pollutants in the environment may enter the connector shell. The design and construction of dedicated modular connectors not only provide safe and reliable links, but also protect components from contamination. Molex’s heavy-duty connector solutions provide reliable performance in all kinds of demanding applications. The locking structure ensures a safe sealing effect, while the stability of the coupling prevents accidental disconnection due to vibration or shock.

Brad connectivity solutions is a reliable brand and pillar product in the machine design and industrial automation industry. Bradm23 solution is mainly used for power applications in automation and material handling. The bradm12 connector is designed to withstand harsh industrial and climatic conditions with excellent quality. It can ensure extremely reliable connection effect for control elements in automation equipment. This kind of high-quality connector makes it possible to replace sensors, encoders, switches and other input and output devices in industrial machinery quickly and conveniently.

Figure 2: bradm12 wire set and reinforced MPIS safe can simplify wiring operation in harsh factory environment.

The bradultra lock system is compatible with the M12, and its design makes it convenient to use push-pull connectors for IP67 / IP68 / ip69k sealed connections in industrial environments. This push-pull connector adopts the patented “push lock” technology, which can provide safe and reliable connection effect for sensors, actuators and other control devices. The sealing function provided by ultra lock technology exceeds the traditional threaded connector in performance and reliability.

The Brad hybrid connector series is based on the round M12 thread interface design, which takes less space in the design of automatic control equipment and machine, integrates power and data signal lines, thus reducing the requirements of cable laying and shortening the installation time.

The bradhashio module that can be installed on the machine supports all major industrial communication network PLC connections and protocols, including PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, modbustcp, Ethernet / IP and profinetio. The bradharshio module is compatible with the M12 connector and is equipped with diagnostic led, which can provide status information of network, power supply and I / O. The harshio module adopts quickconnect for Ethernet / IP and quick start technology for PROFINET. The repetitive robot can quickly and accurately switch tools automatically.

Some machine manufacturers have been looking for high cost-effective, high-density, high-performance and seamless integration of Fieldbus connection in harsh environment. The main module of bradio link for Ethernet / IP and PROFINET can meet their needs when combined with IO link digital hub. These modules support the iolink communication standard and extend the digital link down to the level of sensors and actuators. When used in combination with bradiolink digital IO hub and analog adapter, the function of the module can be enhanced. Bradio link solution concentrates machine information on a network function node, which can be used for conveyor line, robot, filling station, label operation, pallet packaging and terminal tools.

Modular power supply and connection solution design can provide rapid debugging function for complex mechanical equipment and robot system. It only means the beginning of return on investment. The advantages of operation and business will gradually increase over time. It can shorten the electrical commissioning time of industrial machinery and automation system by 80%, and reduce the total installed cost by half.

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