In today’s world, the trend of global integration is constantly strengthening, and when the crisis strikes, it will also affect everyone around the world. At this time, enterprises need to take rapid and large-scale response measures. As a global supplier, MOLEX is equipped with complete infrastructure, factory equipment and smooth logistics all over the world, and can provide support for customers at critical moments.

Under normal circumstances, it is a complex work to coordinate the global supply chain, but when a global disaster occurs, a company with global supply experience can play a huge role in this difficult period.

The new coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in demand for ventilators and other medical equipment. The government has called on enterprises to increase production to meet the demand for medical care. A medical equipment manufacturer has responded to this call by increasing production capacity to produce urgently needed portable ventilators.

In this unprecedented emergency, a reliable supply chain can play a vital role. But it also brings great challenges, especially for medical equipment, which is made up of hundreds of components. This kind of equipment needs to meet strict standards, and it will take a lot of time to purchase qualified parts and components. In the face of a fatal epidemic disease, time is indeed the most precious, and saving lives is carried out in a race against the clock.

Medical equipment manufacturers choose to cooperate with Molex in the design stage of their final products. The engineers of both sides work together to carry out efficient production under the condition of safety protection, so as to ensure that reliable production components can be provided under normal conditions and in emergencies like this new outbreak.

In addition, global supply chain and strong communication / support are key to smooth delivery and continuous production of products. This capacity is essential for rapid response and timely intensification of production during a pandemic.

Fortunately, the ventilator manufacturer has been working with Molex since 2014 to develop a Premo flex jumper cable assembly for the company’s small portable ventilator interconnect solution. When the new coronavirus pandemic began, ventilator became a shortage of supplies, customers and Molex immediately took action. Molex has the experience and ability to obtain the necessary materials and components and deliver the required jumper cable assemblies through close cooperation with customers.

As a result, as governments around the world buy Portable respirators from the medical device manufacturer, MOLEX is also increasing production capacity and providing a large number of reliable and qualified flat flexible cable assemblies.

In addition, MOLEX has excellent global cooperation experience. In such a large-scale crisis as the new coronavirus, it is not difficult to get real-time information in time. However, MOLEX can update the progress of production and transportation to customers in time, and solve the problems quickly. This is because Molex has established a simplified communication process with the manufacturer.

When enterprises choose suppliers as partners, they must evaluate the operation ability of suppliers, establish sufficient trust relationship, and reliable suppliers are important to ensure that they can still maintain production operation under great pressure and provide customers with high-quality products in urgent need.

As an authorized distributor of MOLEX, heilind can provide relevant services and support for the market. In addition, heilind also supplies products from several top manufacturers in the world, covering 25 different component categories. It attaches importance to all market segments and all customers, and constantly seeks a wide range of products to cover all markets.

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