1、 Single camera IP address modification

Method 1. Modify the IP address in the device

When there are only network cameras and hard disk recorders, add IP channel addresses in the recorder setting interface (main menu – channel management – channel configuration).

The equipment connection is also to connect the camera and the video recorder with a network cable, or multiple cameras are connected in parallel with the video recorder under the same switch.


As shown in the figure, after searching the camera, click the edit icon to modify the IP to the desired IP.

Method 2. Modify the IP address with sadp software

Connect the camera and computer through the network cable. If there is a switch, the camera and computer can also be under the same switch.

You can download the web search software sadp on Haikang’s official website by yourself.

After connecting, open the software, as shown in the following figure:


You can see the devices connected to the computer, select, and then you can see the parameters that can be modified on the right.

Change the IP address of the camera to be in the same network segment as the computer IP, directly enter the IP address of the camera in IE browser, and enter the corresponding user name and password. You can preview and configure.


2、 How to modify IP addresses of cameras in batches

For a large number of IP address modifications, it is obviously difficult to modify them one by one. What are the methods?

Sadp batch modification function is also required.

It is necessary to power on all cameras, connect switches and other equipment to the same LAN, and connect computers with batch tools to the LAN.


Open the software, check all devices that need to modify IP, fill in the starting IP address, port, subnet mask and gateway on the right, enter the password of the device, and click “modify” to modify in batch.

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