Barium-rhenium technology Modbus gateway BL101 network port acquisition Modbus TCP slave tutorial.

Collecting Modbus slave device data needs to be configured in the BL101 configuration software. The connection method is connected through the WAN port, and a standard cross/straight network cable is used to connect to the router or switch to ensure that the BL101 gateway and the computer are in the same local area network. If you want to directly connect to the computer, use a standard crossover network cable to connect to the BL101 gateway LAN port (when the BL101 gateway LAN port is directly connected to the computer, the computer should be set to the specified IP, and the IP should be the IP of the network segment, because the LAN port leaves the factory The default IP is

Note: The WAN port is automatically obtained IP from the factory, the LAN port is the default IP, and the IP is

Double-click the left mouse button on the computer

"Run BL101 configuration software, the display interface is as follows:

Search for gateway devices

Clicking "Device Search" will search all devices on the same local area network as the computer. If the gateway device cannot be searched, please follow the steps on the right of the prompt box to check. For example: the WAN port is connected to the switch, the computer and the gateway are in the same local area network, and the gateway device with the IP of is found.

Attribute configuration of LAN port

Double-click the LAN port with the mouse to pop up the property box of the LAN port. The factory default IP of the LAN port is, and the automatic IP address allocation and routing functions are disabled by default.

Attribute configuration of LAN port




Whether to enable automatic allocation of IP addresses to devices connected to the LAN port, gray to disable, green to enable.

routing enabled

Whether the LAN port has enabled the routing function, the gray is closed, and the green is enabled.

IP address

IP address of the LAN port


MAC of the LAN port


Determine the LAN port configuration


Cancel the configuration of the LAN port

Add a device for LAN port acquisition

Right-click LAN, click "Add Device", and the configuration box for adding a LAN port device will pop up.

The LAN port can be directly connected to the device, or it can be connected to the switch to collect the devices on the switch.

Note: LAN port and WAN port support a total of 50 Modbus TCP device acquisition.

Configuration information of the LAN port device



device name

Name the device on the LAN port

Device IP

Set the IP address of the LAN port device

device port number

Set the port number of the LAN port device

Equipment brand


Device model

Modbus TCP

Slave ID

Modbus communication address of the LAN port device

16-bit data type

Select from "AB", "BA".

32-bit data type

Select from "ABCD", "DCBA", "BADC", "CDAB".


Determine the configuration of the LAN port device


Cancel the configuration of the LAN port device

Add the data points to be collected by the LAN port device

Click the name of the device, put the mouse in the right box, click the right mouse button, "Add" will pop up, click "Add", the data point information configuration box will pop up, and configure the data point information to be collected.

To add the next data point, click the right mouse button and click "Add". You can also modify or delete the created data point. Click the data point and right mouse button to delete the data. Double-click the data point to modify the configuration of the data point.

Configuration of Collected Data Points



variable name

Naming the collected data points

variable unit

unit of data point

address type

Select the Modbus function code of the collected data point, and choose from "01 read holding coil", "02 read input coil", "03 read holding register", "04 read input register".

initial address

The address of the collected data point

type of data

Select "Boolean" for Boolean, and the numeric type can be selected from "16-bit unsigned integer", "16-bit signed integer", "32-bit unsigned integer", "32-bit signed integer", "32-bit signed integer" Single-Precision Floating Point".

add quantity

Collection number

Read and write type

Select from "Read Only", "Read and Write".


Only numeric data can be set, how many times it can be enlarged or reduced and uploaded to the platform.

modbus map address

The data point is stored in the address of the gateway device, the range: Boolean 0~2000. Numerical 0-2000.

mqtt identifier

The MQTT identifier of the data point, which can be filled in arbitrarily.


Determining configuration information for a data point


Unconfigure a data point

Click the data point and right mouse button to delete the data, and double-click the data point to modify the configuration of the data point.

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