Mobile intelligent will release e6800 visual Internet of things lock in the form of online conference. E6800 combines cat’s eye with intelligent lock. It not only has the strong performance of the visible Internet of things lock, but also has the active anti-theft function of intelligent cat eye. It uses hardware combination and dual system operation to bring more powerful protection.

Through AI technology to establish better human-computer interaction, wireless communication technology linkage home network, in the scene of the family experience area, let users feel the AI environment convenient, safe protection ecology!

Mobile health intelligent lock E680 is a two-way fusion of smart cat eye and fingerprint lock. Through the function mechanism of intelligent cat eye which is visible, audible and can alarm actively, the fingerprint lock, which has been in passive defense for a long time, is upgraded to active security mode. On the basis of convenient and safe fingerprint lock, it is also equipped with 125 degree vertical imaging cat’s eye. Through PIR intelligent early warning, users can see visitors from head to toe. Let’s take a look at the e6800 black technology?

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