Recently, several mobile phone manufacturers, including oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi, have chosen to release 5g mobile phones this month. The reporter learned that 5g mobile phone has become the main strategy of mobile phone manufacturers next year. At present, towards the end of the year, some institutions expect that the shipment of mobile phone industry will still be in a downward state this year, and the only fast-growing 5g mobile phone shipment has also become the key area of “betting” for mobile phone manufacturers.

The price threshold of 5g mobile phone is reduced to 2000 yuan

At present, both ZTE and Xiaomi have proposed to launch at least 10 5g mobile phones next year, and vivo will launch at least 5 5g models. Some industry chain news points out that four of the five new products released by Apple next year will be 5g models.

According to the data of China Academy of communications, in November, the domestic shipment of 5g mobile phones reached 5.074 million, an increase of 103% month on month, and the penetration rate of 5g mobile phones was as high as 15.2%, which was significantly higher than that in previous months.

The increase in penetration is mainly due to the falling price threshold of 5g mobile phones. The price of the new phone recently released by Xiaomi has been lower than 2000 yuan, which has greatly reduced the entry threshold of 5g mobile phones and is expected to accelerate the popularization of 5g. Zhongtai Securities pointed out that Xiaomi launched the first shot in 5g economy mobile phone competition, and this strategy is expected to help the company quickly seize the dominant share in the 5g mobile phone startup window.

According to the statistics of canalys, a market research company, the market share of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and apple in China reached 92% in the third quarter of this year, an increase of 3.3% over the same period in 2018. Industry insiders said that with such a concentrated market share, it is difficult for other competitors to have opportunities in the 5g era.

Go to the marketing focus of 4G inventory at the end of the year

Today, “de 4G inventory” has become the marketing focus of mobile phone manufacturers. Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi, once said that it is now in the 4G to 5g switching period, and the general environment of the mobile phone market is under pressure. Xiaomi has chosen steady growth, improved its profitability and cash reserves, and digested all the bad inventory.

In order to reduce costs and concentrate, mobile phone manufacturers will also be more radical in their distribution strategy next year. Wu Qiang, vice president of oppo and President of global sales, once said that it is expected that nearly 20% of the products in the Chinese market next year will be 5g products, and the flagship machines of almost all brands will be 5g mobile phones.

At the same time, operators will also speed up reducing the threshold of 5g package, making 5g mobile phones more popular. Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology, said last month that 87000 users signed up less than a month after the three operators launched 5g packages. Zhongtai Securities believes that it is expected that mobile phone manufacturers will fully bet on 5g in the first half of next year, and operators will also promote users to migrate to 5g network with the help of economic models, which will jointly drive the acceleration of product type and shipment.

According to the above insiders, referring to the 4G package launched by the three major operators in that year, it is expected that the price of 5g package will decrease significantly in the next year, which will drive the development of 5g mobile phone market, and mobile phone manufacturers and supply chains will benefit from the 5g replacement wave next year.

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