In 2020, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers at home and abroad have released new products. No matter online or offline, Huawei, Xiaomi, iqoo, Samsung and other manufacturers have been at war. But behind such hostility, there are some anxieties.

Sensitive Netizens found this uneasiness, so they made up such a paragraph: realme said positioning trend and youth, iqoo laughed; iqoo enterprise icon list performance configuration, Xiaomi laughed; Xiaomi sang high-end, Huawei laughed; Huawei talked about 2020 sales breakthrough, the whole audience laughed.

In the new year, we all hope to stimulate new chemical reactions with the help of change. They are quite eager to fill users with all kinds of new elements: dazzling design, top parameters, hot gimmicks, fans’ saliva Its momentum is extremely fierce, and it is extremely necessary.

It turns out to be embarrassing: too many manufacturers can’t contain their excitement, except for consumers who are holding money for purchase.

Don’t users need a new phone? Obviously not. In the world of mobile Internet, no one is willing to be a spectator, just don’t want to be a “leek”. In the past, no matter how ugly the manufacturers were, most of them would submit to the bombardment of marketing propaganda. Now that they have grown up and become rational, they need more communication and understanding. They only pay for the core needs, and they don’t spend any more money.

When users change, the game rules of the whole industry change. Data show that the general market strategy is losing efficacy, and to achieve growth, we need to accurately grasp the needs of users.

A fierce fight

To sum up in one sentence, in 2019, the majority live a hard life, while the minority live a good life.

According to the statistics released by the Institute of information technology, in 2019, the domestic mobile phone market shipment volume was 389 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 6.2%, falling for three consecutive years. The mobile phone mobile phone sales have been off season for the first quarter. Now COVID-19 is affected, and sales of mobile phones are not optimistic. It is expected that the mobile phone manufacturers will have a bad time in 2020.

Mobile phone industry is in chaos, game mobile phone is not the mainstream of the market

When most manufacturers tighten their belts, some have produced good reports. According to IDC statistics, in 2019, the overall market segment will be better. It is worth mentioning that the sales volume of game phones will exceed 1 million, with an increase of more than 50%. In an interview, Luo Yuzhou, CEO of black shark, said that the overall sales volume of black shark game phones in 2019 increased by more than 20% compared with 2018, and the number of global users has exceeded 1 million.

According to the latest data of quest moblie, users are playing games to contribute to epidemic prevention. The average daily game duration of King’s glory is more than 3 hours, and the average daily user growth of peace elite is more than 27.47 million, which is bound to drive the continuous growth of mobile game shipment. Only in the whine of most enterprises, laughter is a minority.

The market space is getting smaller and smaller, and the “black swan” of the epidemic situation is not coming. Manufacturers can only choose to face the difficulties. At present, most manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and iqoo have held online press conferences. Reviewing these released products, it is not difficult to find the similarities and differences.

At present, Huawei mate XS, Xiaomi 10, iqoo3 and other new products that have been released are basically the main models of major brands. It can be seen that the manufacturers do not intend to wait passively for the epidemic to subside and take action, but choose to take the initiative to strive to increase sales. Even if the market purchasing power is weak, this step should be taken.

At the same time, 5g mobile phones have become the protagonist of all the press conferences, and 4G mobile phones are gradually leaving the central area of the stage, proving that manufacturers believe that 5g mobile phones have become the mainstream of the industry, and users will not continue to cherish 4G mobile phones, “adapting to the new era” is far more meaningful than “remembering old photos”.

Take out the configuration list of these products, you can find that manufacturers attach great importance to parameters. Even if the accessories don’t meet the latest highest standards, you have to shout, and you are the fastest and the strongest: Huawei terminal CEO Yu Chengdong, nicknamed “Yu big mouth”, naturally has such comments. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also talks about “conscience configuration”. In order to highlight the strong performance of hardware, iqoo is even a challenge to game phones, and even proposes “is game phones really necessary?” question.

In this way, the styles and features of the released products are very similar, but the user groups targeted by manufacturers are quite different: mate 10 is priced more than 10000 yuan, which naturally focuses on high net worth users; Xiaomi 10 is sincere, which mainly focuses on high-end users this time; while talking about performance and configuration, iqoo still targets young users; black shark still insists on making the purest game mobile phone. On the whole, we want to use the same routine to earn money from different people.

In such a special period, the mobile phone industry began a fight.

Users “grow up”

Using the same product strategy to occupy different markets is a big taboo of military strategists, and problems may arise in the later stage.

Not long ago, a third-party organization released two sets of data: at present, the user’s replacement cycle is extending, and nearly 80% of the users have been using mobile phones for more than 18 months, of which 24.7% have a replacement cycle of more than three years; When replacing mobile phones, more and more users are willing to pay higher costs for high-quality products. Mobile phone ASP (average unit price) reaches 322 US dollars (about 2251 yuan), an increase of 0.7% over 2018.

Combining the two sets of data, it is not difficult to find that if they encounter the ideal new product, users will be more generous; once they encounter the product short board, they are willing to continue to use the old mobile phone. Once blind consumption behavior is decreasing, the ultimate goal of the replacement is to upgrade the user experience, which is a very typical performance after the user matures.

Users have grown up and are no longer at the mercy of Xiaobai. It is difficult to achieve ideal results only by hardware upgrading or marketing. In order to find a way out in difficult times, we must understand the needs of users more deeply than before, and gradually cultivate our ability to judge the development trend of products and industries, so as to make up for the gap of product strength.

For example, the key to success is to accurately grasp the needs of users. Luo Yuzhou, CEO of black shark, said in an interview that the game phone of black shark will maintain the configuration of its flagship Android mobile phone, but everything will serve the needs of players. To this end, he will often communicate with users on the interactive platform to update user needs in real time. “The number of black shark internal test player team is close to 500 people. Every week, they will carry out offline activities to exchange the pain points and improvement direction of the game mobile phone.” Luo Zhou said.

The long-term and effective communication makes black shark find that the pain points of game users focus on the important links such as heat dissipation, endurance and game feel. Therefore, the mobile phone R & D team will upgrade products around these needs, and even give up the mainstream design ideas for the special needs of game users. Luo Yuzhou said that the upcoming Black Shark game mobile phone 3 will return to the 3.5mm headphone hole, which is the decision made by fully listening to the feedback of players.

In addition, black shark cooperates with upstream and downstream manufacturers to build game experience Ecology: on the one hand, it cooperates with hardware manufacturers to launch accessories and peripheral products; on the other hand, it cooperates with Tencent game and other content service providers to optimize the platform performance. “There’s a difference between being able to play and having a good fight.” Luo Yuzhou added.

Because players have a strong demand for “playing well”, black shark has a rapid development. IDC data shows that black shark accounts for 47% of the mobile game market, surpassing other competitors. According to the annual sales volume of 1 million units, the shipment volume of black shark is close to 500000 units. For the brands in the market segment, this achievement has been very excellent.

In contrast to the performance of other manufacturers, their descriptions of users are still very rough. Taking iqoo3 as an example, it also improves the game experience, and iqoo3 comprehensively upgrades the hardware performance. However, in the aspect of screen and sound, which users are most concerned about, this product is not surprising. It still uses 60Hz refresh rate screen, and does not choose dual speakers to achieve stereo, which is criticized by many game users.

Under the banner of game mobile phone, it can’t provide high-quality game experience. Even if it becomes the official game machine of KPL (King glory professional league), people can’t help asking: can this unprofessional game mobile phone move professional game users? At present, there is no answer. However, it is certain that if we can not accurately capture the needs of target users, the vitality of the product will be limited.

Happy and sad 2020

It can be predicted that the life of mobile phone manufacturers will be more difficult in 2020.

China mobile phone market will be in a state of depression in 2020, and COVID-19 mobile phone market will shrink by 15%, according to Guo Mingji, analyst at Tianfeng international. Strong as the iPhone, but also because of the decline in market demand, had to reduce the shipment plan by 10%, reducing production by 36-40 million units. In this way, most terminal manufacturers will continue to bear great pressure.

However, sales decline does not mean no sales, production reduction does not mean production stop. It is found that users will still purchase high-quality products through various channels, but this consumer group is not too big. Naturally, it will be more difficult to open their wallets, and the competitive pressure of enterprises will continue to increase. Manufacturers must develop products closer to the needs of users in order not to be eliminated.

In 2020, the diversification trend of user demand is still obvious, among which game is still one of the biggest gold mines, which will continue the growth momentum of game handset manufacturers. “In the long run, if there are phenomenal games like chicken eating games, the game content will drive the rapid growth of game phones.” IDC analyst Wang Xi said.

All kinds of signs show that these phenomenal game blockbusters are likely to be launched in the form of cloud games.

With the increasingly optimized 5g network environment, the cloud to end transmission rate has increased significantly, creating favorable conditions for the cloud game business to continue to mature. According to the latest report of IHS Markit, the global game market revenue will grow to US $2.5 billion by 2023, becoming one of the killer applications of 5g network.

Among the domestic Internet enterprises, Tencent is very aggressive in the layout of cloud games. In March 2019, it has started the internal test appointment of start cloud games. Recently, it has strengthened cooperation with NVIDIA and increased the test areas in Sichuan and Chongqing to speed up the layout of cloud game business and seize the leading position in the market.

In July 2019, Tencent signed a contract with ASUS to strengthen the in-depth integration of software and hardware in the game phone; on March 3, Tencent and black shark jointly released the game phone black shark 3. It shows that Tencent intends to boost the rapid maturity of 5g terminal and provide users with products with high-quality cloud game experience.

According to the public information, the new product will be equipped with Qualcomm 5g solution Xiaolong 865, which will increase the screen refresh rate to 90hz, and adopt the second-generation solarcore performance engine of Tencent game to realize intelligent analysis of game scenes, adjust the mobile phone performance scheduling strategy in real time, and greatly reduce the game reading time. Choosing to cooperate with black shark, Tencent not only focuses on the R & D strength of black shark, but also has a deep understanding of the actual needs of black shark competitors.

The mobile game camp is becoming more and more powerful, and there are more and more opportunities. This is also the fundamental reason why some enterprises deny the mobile game in their mouth, but in their actions they are seizing the market.

In addition to Tencent, Google, Netease, century Huatong (13.720, 0.14, 1.03%) and other head game companies are also promoting the cloud game business to mature through various ways. In the future, there will be many exclusive and customized 3A games to be released in the form of cloud games, which also brings a rare development opportunity for mobile games.


Does the segment market represented by black shark mobile game really have such strength to grow against the trend when the whole industry decelerates? Most people may not agree with this view. After all, the game is a small circle, the game mobile phone is not the mainstream of the market.

However, in the short term, the rapid growth of the game market has become an inevitable trend, and many users who “play games to contribute to the fight against the epidemic” have become potential users of game phones. At the same time, Tencent and other game content service providers have made great contributions to the construction of game phone ecology; The stable support from Xiaomi’s supply chain enables Black Shark game phones to get rid of the fate of becoming “futures mobile phones”. Tencent and Xiaomi both strongly favor black shark, which also gives this niche mobile phone manufacturer a broader imagination.

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