The steady development of virtual reality is slowly attracting the attention of the market. Virtual reality is an interesting technology. Excellent VR experience can bring shocking feelings. If you have tried to explain a fascinating dream or describe the taste of a color to someone, you will understand the difficulty of explaining a really good virtual reality experience to someone.

This is a difficult problem for virtual reality creators, arcade store operators and head display manufacturers. If you only show what the player’s eyes see, you will give the impression that VR is just a game or movie, and it is easy to feel dizzy, because the player’s viewpoint can move very quickly when you can look around freely. You can show VR games from a third perspective, but it still gives people a feeling of “this is just a game”. Due to the inability to effectively display or describe virtual reality, this affects the popularization speed to a certain extent, because most people begin to realize its revolutionary potential only after experiencing the charm of virtual reality.

1. Mixed reality capture. One way to solve this demonstration problem is mixed reality capture. Mixed reality capture includes recording real people in VR experience and recording virtual elements of the scene at the same time. After obtaining the materials, we can integrate the two together to provide you with a kind of film and television content for the interaction between real human and virtual world. This video can more clearly show the audience the essence of VR experience.

2. Working principle: to accurately display the experience, hybrid reality capture requires a series of tools and overcome many technical challenges. First, for the player’s real camera being recorded, the game must have a corresponding digital virtual camera and record at the same position and angle. If the two are not aligned correctly, the final video will not show the correct picture of the player’s interaction with the virtual environment. Similarly, if the player is using the controller to interact with the virtual object, the controller appearing in the live clip should be perfectly aligned with the virtual reality.

Another key point is that you must delete the player’s real environment from the material and replace it with a virtual scene. This can be achieved by several different methods, such as the traditional green screen, but it is difficult and time-consuming to set up. In addition, different from the traditional film shooting method, because VR content revolves around players, sometimes another vision may be more meaningful, but it will require the whole green screen room. There are other reasons why green screen capture may not be popular.

For example, a green screen environment requires a lot of maintenance, such as scratches or marks on floors and walls. The green screen room is not a particularly attractive environment at the same time. Therefore, creating mixed reality images through depth cameras may be a better solution. The depth camera can segment people from their background without a green screen, and can better deal with occlusion. It can help the system understand which virtual objects should be in front of the player and which virtual objects should be behind the player.

3. Mixcast: a one-stop solution. The mixcast VR marketing system developed by blueprint reality includes a set of tools and an SDK, which can help simplify the above problems and allow anyone to quickly and easily set up their own hybrid reality capture system. Mixcast uses Intel’s realistic depth camera to support mixed reality capture of green and non green screens. This system allows you to view the mixed reality experience in real time. Mixcast’s use cases include VR arcade stores and other offline VR entertainment places.

Another important function of mixcast is to provide visitors with videos or photos of VR experience. The theme park has been building such souvenirs for tourists for many years, and with the help of mixcast, any offline VR entertainment center can provide a virtual photo booth experience. Then, you can share this special digital picture and video with friends and family, so as to enhance everyone’s understanding and enthusiasm for VR experience.



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