June 15, 2021, ShanghaiThe global mobile robot market leader – Mobile Industrial Robots (hereinafter referred to as: MiR) today released a new top module MiR250 Hook. This new product is suitable for use with the MiR250 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), which is one of the few AMR solutions on the market that can autonomously attach and release a cart. MiR launched the first MiRHook top module as early as 2016, and then accelerated product development around the stability and accuracy of AMR, and finally launched this new upgraded cart traction robot solution, which has won a global patent.

New tow top module MiR250 Hook

MiR250 Hook is mainly used for hooking, pulling and unloading of various carts. Paired with the MiR250 AMR, it travels smoothly and efficiently in highly dynamic occupant environments. This user-friendly technology makes it easy to automate the transport of trolleys with loads of up to 500 kg inside without any human intervention. This invention expands the application range of AMR. For end users who have already deployed the MiR250 AMR, they only need to install the MiR250 Hook accessory separately to realize the cart towing and transportation function.

MiR250 Hook can find and connect to almost any type of cart via QR code or AprilTag

Preparing the MiR250 Hook for deployment is as simple as affixing a QR code or AprilTag to existing carts or shipping racks in the workplace, and the MiR250 Hook identifies each cart or shipping rack. Søren E. Nielsen, President of Autonomous Mobile Robots at MiR, said: “Many companies, logistics centers and hospitals are using different carts and transport racks, with this solution it is easy to automate the internal transport of these transport vehicles and make it easy to Manageable and affordable. Users don’t need to modify the layout or buy a new cart because the MiRHook can find and connect to almost any type of cart via a QR code or AprilTag.”

Zhang Yu, Sales Director of MiR Autonomous Mobile Robot China, said: "In China, carts and transport racks are widely used in industrial manufacturing, logistics warehousing, and hospitals, but most of their traction and transportation are done manually. The deployment of MiR250 Hook It is an economical and easy-to-use intralogistics solution without requiring users to purchase new transportation accessories, and can complete the transportation instructions between points by scanning the QR code on the cart.”

The MiR250 Hook used with the MiR250 AMR can replace the traditional manual forklift to complete the towing and transportation work

The applicable scenarios of the new product are very rich. In the industrial manufacturing environment, MiR250 Hook can meet the production line with many types of materials, fast demand cycle, and many demand starting points. It can automatically deliver parts to employees on time, greatly improving the efficiency of production line workers assembling products. In addition, MiR250 Hook can also help the production line to transport the completed parts in time to ensure that there is no material accumulation in the production area.

In the logistics and warehousing industry, facing thousands of transport racks with packages, using MiR250 Hook not only effectively improves the transport speed and accuracy, but also greatly reduces the potential risk of personal injury by replacing manual forklifts. In addition, in the medical industry, MiR250 Hook also has huge application potential. By automating the internal transportation of items such as daily linen, waste, etc., unnecessary workloads for medical personnel can be alleviated.

The MiR250 AMR, a robot compatible with the MiR250 Hook, was released in March 2020. Compared with other types of AMRs, its length and height are smaller, and it can swiftly pass through doors with a width of only 80 cm at a speed of up to 2 meters per second. Autonomous navigation in cramped industrial spaces. MiR250 AMR provides a flexible solution for many enterprises that need to complete logistics and transportation in a crowded environment.

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