Long before the first 3D TV or movie appeared, people began to enjoy 3D photos. The new minuta stereo camera allows users to create their own stereo photos, which is definitely a retro way.

In short, stereophotography refers to taking two photos of the same subject from slightly different angles, and then viewing them through a device with two side-by-side eyepieces. Because one eye sees a picture and the other eye sees another picture, the result is the perception of a single stereo image.

Although we have seen cameras that combine modern technology to achieve the same effect, the architect in Munich and the minuta stereo camera of “stereo photographer” Dominik oczkowski have maintained considerable Authenticity. In addition to the wooden composite body (although made of laser cut parts), the camera also integrates two fixed f140 pinhole lenses, which can use medium frame film and 35mm analog film. It also does not need a battery, and its top chord knob, rear blade propulsion window, shutter lock and other components all use magnets.

Since the camera does not provide lens perspective, users can arrange photos by viewing various plane viewfinder cards arranged at the top. Then, they take pictures of two subjects at the same time (if they only want to take ordinary non stereoscopic photos, they can cover a lens with a built-in “eye mask”).

After the film is processed, the pair of photos are put into the emulsia stereo camera of oczkowski. If slides are used, install the two slides side by side in the film tray of the equipment, and then observe through two eyepieces. If you are using print film, you can put the negative in a stereoscope, shoot it by a smartphone, and then render it into a positive 3D “wiggle GIF”.

Minuta stereo is currently launching activities on KickStarter. Pledges range from € 124 to € 218, including a fully assembled camera and observer. All shipments should be made as planned in July.

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