Mini LED refers to an LED chip with a size of 100 microns, which is between the small-pitch LED and Micro LED. Mini LED is the result of the continuous reduction of the small-pitch LED size. Mini LED technology is mature and mass production is feasible, and it is expected to be widely used in mid-to-high-end LCD backlight and LED display, especially in TVs, notebooks, monitors and other fields.

LEDs are becoming increasingly miniaturized, and Mini & Micro LEDs emerge as the times require. Mini LED backlight products have a significant effect on improving display quality. The commercialization of Mini LED backlights is progressing rapidly, and it is expected to become a solution for high-end liquid crystal displays.

Experts predict that Mini & MicroLED direct display may be the best display technology in the future; high image quality and low energy consumption make it a dominant player in the consumer electronics market. In the LED direct display market, although the reasons for the epidemic have declined in 2020, the market for small pitch P2.5 and below remains unchanged. Jingneng's silicon substrate full vertical direct display solution is designed for small pitches. It has the advantages of being smaller, more reliable, and more cost-effective, and it also achieved mass production in June this year.

Mini silicon-based vertical chip, excellent light quality, vertical light emission without side light, high contrast; at the same time, it has good resistance to current impact and antistatic ability; good product consistency, good stability, high reliability, no metal Cr, can be completely Avoid metal ion migration problems.

With the continuous expansion of VR, AR and backlight markets, Jingneng will also give full play to its existing advantages in the future market, launch more and better high-quality products, and contribute to the development of the semiconductor electronics industry.

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