Since the beginning of 2020, all walks of life have been more or less affected by the epidemic, and their development is slightly weak. Micro led and mini led, which are regarded as the next generation of display technology by LED display industry, are still hot in 2020 Whether it’s the micro led and mini LED products presented by global manufacturers at CES 2020 in January, or the frequent actions of domestic manufacturers after the year, people can’t help feeling: “the era of micro LED / mini LED has come!”

In 2020, with the gradual saturation of the small spacing LED display market, in order to further stimulate the market growth, the innovation of small spacing products and technologies will continue to iterate, and the application scenarios will continue to be enriched, especially the development of mini and micro LED products and markets, which will bring more possibilities to the LED display industry.

Speed up the commercialization of micro LED

In 2019, the technical reserve of micro LED is becoming more and more mature. However, in terms of industrialization, most manufacturers are still in a wait-and-see state because they are still facing a big problem of upstream and downstream collaboration in the industrial chain. At CES 2020, Samsung, LG, Sony and other international giants have launched related products one after another. In addition, some micro LEDs of Riad, Lehman and other companies have taken the lead in mass production, further accelerating the commercialization of micro LEDs.

Mini LED display has begun to enter the market explosion period

However, it is undeniable that the current production technology of micro LED display is still in its infancy. According to a report of overseas market analysis company, it is predicted that the relevant technology of micro LED will not be fully mature until 2024 to increase the yield and reduce the cost. For micro LED display, high cost and technical stability are the biggest obstacles to market quantification. As one of the next generation display innovation technologies, we have seen that the actual experience effect of micro LED display technology is quite good, but it is still some time before it is commercialized in the market.

2. Rapid development of mini LED

As the market thinks, 2019-2022 is the period of rapid development of mini led. Since the beginning of 2020, from the action of the current screen enterprises in the field of mini led, we can clearly feel that the outbreak period of mini LED is getting closer and closer. Zhouming Technology: Mini LED products can be mass produced; Guoxing optoelectronics: Mini LED has full orders and capacity is climbing; Alto Electronics: Mini LED display business is growing significantly

At the same time, at the recent investors’ Q & a meeting, alto electronics shared the price trend of mini led in the next 2-3 years and the process of cost decline from the perspective of cost and process, which once again shows that mini LED has entered the market explosion period, and 2020 can be said to be the first year of mini LED market explosion!

Panel industry is an industry driven by technology. Led small spacing, mini led and MCRIO LED are on the way. Micro LED / mini LED is regarded as a new generation of display technology that subverts the industry and will bring new impetus to the development of the industry. Lehman optoelectronics, one of the leading enterprises in domestic micro LED industry, is expected to make a net profit of 48 million yuan to 53 million yuan in 2019. The turnaround of Lehman in 2019 is mainly due to the micro led business. At the same time, Riad, zhaochi, San’an optoelectronics and other companies are also laying out micro LED / mini led. In 2020, micro LED / mini LED is becoming a new driving force for the development of panel industry.

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