Another Mini LED monitor is on sale.

Recently, Dell launched “Dell ultrasharp32 series 4khdr display – up3221q” on its Chinese official website, which is equipped with 2000 miniled direct backlight dimming areas, achieving brightness up to 1000nite, ultra high definition (3840×2160) resolution and 140ppi.

The price of up3221q is 54999 yuan, which is a higher priced product among Dell’s existing 4K monitors.

Dell has shown up3221q in several exhibitions before, and released 2K up3221q in October this year. It was originally scheduled to go on sale globally in November, with a starting price of US $4999.99 (about RMB 33030). As for the up3221q, which was recently launched on China’s official website, Dell said that it could “create and view 4khdr content with the help of Dell’s first display equipped with 2kminiled direct backlight dimming area.”

With the gradual maturity of miniled, miniled display has gradually moved from the eye-catching exhibits in the exhibition to the end consumer market.

Prior to Dell, according to media reports, ASUS’s first mini LED display pg32uqx has also begun to be sold, with a price of 42999 yuan.

According to asus’s official website, pg32uqx is an electronic competition display, equipped with 4khdr + 144hz + NVIDIA g-sync, 152 area miniled full array direct backlight, achieving brightness up to 1400nite and 90% dci-p3 movie level gamut.

Qunzhi consulting report shows that under the influence of the epidemic, home office, learning and entertainment boosted the demand of PC industry. In the first half of this year, the shipment volume of display panels went against the trend and achieved a 6.1% year-on-year growth, reaching 73.6 million pieces, and the shipment area also increased by 10.5% year-on-year. As a whole, it showed a trend of accelerating the pace of large-scale and increasing the demand for electronic competition panels.

Mini LED backlight will realize more terminal applications

At the same time, terminal consumers pay more attention to the personalization, performance, configuration and integration of products, which also brings new opportunities for the development of the display industry.

Miniled technology, which can achieve ultra-high resolution, large size and lightweight display, has become one of the key layout directions of panel manufacturers and terminal brand manufacturers. In the past two years, Philips, Qun Chuang, TCL Huaxing, Acer, BOE and other enterprises have displayed miniled displays at the exhibition.

However, it should be noted that due to the influence of cost and other factors, the penetration rate of miniled in the display market does not seem to be too optimistic. According to Taiwan media reports, Acer’s head of display believes that miniled displays are usually fixed at home or office, lack of portability of laptops and tablets, and high cost, so it is not expected that miniled displays will soon gain market share.

At the same time, the person in charge also pointed out that it is expected that large-size displays such as 27 inches and above will become the mainstream application of miniled, which currently accounts for 10% – 15% of the display market share.

In addition to the display, miniled backlight has also been sold in TV, laptop and other fields. For example, Xiaomi’s 82 inch miniled TV is priced at 49999 yuan; TCL series miniled TV is priced at 650 US dollars (about 4299.82 yuan) and 3000 US dollars (about 19845 yuan); MSI’s 17 inch Mini led laptop starts at $1799.

The technical director of Jufei optoelectronics said to hi tech new display that big European and American companies like Dell will certainly follow the progress of apple, as will Samsung, TCL Huaxing, HP and so on.

Previously, in April 2019, Guo Mingxu, an analyst at Tianfeng international, predicted that miniled would become the best technical solution for Apple’s wide color gamut and high contrast. IPad, MAC and monitor might adopt miniled. According to recent media reports, the new generation of iPad Pro products with miniled backlight are expected to be on the market in the first quarter of 2021.

The person in charge also pointed out that miniled backlight will be carried out simultaneously in the three major markets of display, TV and laptop, while the iPad market needs to see Apple’s overall progress.

Zhaochi Guangyuan believes that miniled backlight has greater development opportunities in TV and competitive display market.

Miniled backlight will realize more terminal applications, which will benefit LED industry chain enterprises. Hi tech new display understands that upstream LED chip factories such as Huacan optoelectronics, San’an optoelectronics and Qianzhao optoelectronics have achieved mass production and shipment of miniled backlight; midstream LED packaging factories such as Dongshan precision, Guoxing optoelectronics, Jufei optoelectronics and zhaochi Guangyuan have also made full product, production capacity and market layout in the field of miniled backlight.

The relevant person in charge of Dongshan precision miniled backlight said that the cost of the whole industry chain will drop after the demand increases, with the terminal brand factories including apple driving consumers to accept the miniled backlight products.

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