Electronic enthusiast reported (Wen / huangjingjing) “since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, we have returned to work for the first time to help the wireless intelligent construction of Leishen mountain, Huoshen mountain and shelter hospital.” Tan Lintao, general manager of Zilian Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., told electronic enthusiasts and other media at the new product launch held a few days ago. Zilian technology is the first batch of enterprises to return to work during the epidemic period. It speeds up the shipment of wireless products to control the epidemic.



Tan Lintao, general manager of Zilian Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Since its inception, the company has not chosen the consumer electronics industry, but focused on the medical and industrial Internet of things. In the post epidemic era, people pay more attention to medical health, which will accelerate the demand for intelligent upgrading of medical equipment. The scale of industrial IOT market ranks first in the IOT segment. From this point of view, the track selected by Zilian technology has a very wide growth space.


Tan Lintao said that the fields of medical and industrial Internet of things attach great importance to intelligence and security, and the advantage of self connected technology lies in providing intelligent and security solutions for the whole system from wireless modules, infrastructure to cloud middleware.


It is understood that Zilian technology has many patented Internet of things products, which have passed the FCC and CE certification with ID, and have been adopted by many domestic mainstream medical device manufacturers and solution suppliers, including international leading enterprises such as Shanghai optoelectronics, general electric, Mindray medical, Smith medical, Medtronic, Nippon, aerospace Yigen, etc.


Zilian technology has created a comprehensive intelligent and IOT product and solution technology platform, formed four IOT product mainlines and continuously launched new products on this basis by continuously deepening medical and industrial IOT applications, and rapidly realized the service capability of customized solutions according to the equipment status in different scenarios and customer needs. The product line is mainly aimed at terminal equipment supporting network interface and with business logic; Terminal equipment with any communication interface and business logic; Non electronic products; Terminal devices with external interfaces and business logic are not supported.



Specifically, in order to support terminal devices with network interfaces and business logic, self connected technology has launched a new Wi Fi wireless bridge product. Alxb15x is an upgraded version of alxb10x series that has been widely deployed. It supports Wi Fi 5 wireless communication protocol, dual antenna design, and MU-MIMO, and is more suitable for terminal devices that need to transmit images and other high data volume; Alxb16x supports Wi Fi 6 wireless communication protocol. It has the functions of system compatibility, mobility, self recovery and Wi Fi mesh. It is connected with terminal equipment through network cable, which can be targeted at different operating systems, reflecting good compatibility. Mobility mainly refers to the transition from wired network to wireless network, so that the terminal equipment can move. In addition, it has the ability of self recovery after being loaded on the terminal product. It can automatically connect when the WiFi network is disconnected and then connected, so as to ensure that the user’s terminal equipment is not interrupted for 7*24 hours. WiFi mesh can realize wireless relay in case of large area.




The data gateway product supports the connection of blood glucose meter and bracelet through Bluetooth, and supports multi protocol connection to the cloud through nb-iot.



Recently, Zilian technology and Shanghai Aerospace Yigen intelligent technology jointly launched alxe10b intelligent box, an edge computing product applied to the industrial Internet of things. This product can be used to quickly add the storage capacity of edge computing such as acquisition, edge processing, communication, big data processing and cloud edge collaboration for various processing, manufacturing and production scenarios. It is applicable to machinery, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation, metallurgy Mold manufacturing and electronic information equipment.



In addition, the self connected technology has also built an AI edge computing server, which supports mainstream webcams, focuses on video image analysis and computing, and has built-in a variety of AI algorithms. It can support 16 channel video access, etc., to meet the needs of edge computing for artificial intelligence functions.



For non electronic products, data can be collected through sensors, such as temperature and humidity sensors, cameras, etc., and then transmitted to the network by Wi Fi or Bluetooth modules for application in medical devices such as monitors.


The latest Bluetooth module alx412 launched by AutoLink technology supports Bluetooth ble5.0, adopts arm Cortex-M3 core, and is equipped with lpdsp32 DSP, which is suitable for audio coding and decoding. In addition to UART SPI and other interfaces, it also supports digital microphone interface and wide voltage input 1.1v-3.3v. In addition, alx420a is a small, low-power, self-contained Bluetooth dual-mode controller, which is used in medical care, industrial control equipment, household appliances and intelligent energy systems.


In terms of Wi Fi modules, self connected technology has launched three types of wi-fi4/5/ 6 products. The alx850x, which supports wi-fi4, is the main shipping force at present. It supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The two latest modules of AutoLink technology support Wi Fi 5 and Wi Fi 6 respectively. They are designed with dual antennas and equipped with arm cortex-m4 core. The main frequency reaches 180mhz and support UART /spi /rmii interface.


In addition, the combo module with Wi Fi and Bluetooth has been launched. The module with protocol stack is applicable to a relatively small number of devices, such as ventilator products and ECG machines; There are also modules that support high-speed SDIO interfaces and dual antennas, such as alxc29 and alxc2a, which are applicable to ultrasonic imaging products.



The medical and industrial Internet of things industry is not as fast as consumer electronics. Even for consumer electronics, the wi-fi6 chip is still in its infancy. However, we see that the self connected technology has taken the lead in launching the wi-fi6 module applied to medical, industrial and other fields. In other words, its technical capability and product preparation have started earlier than the market. Perhaps it is this well prepared move that makes Zilian technology recognized by more and more customers, and can seize business opportunities and grow at the first time when customers demand it.

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