This winter is particularly long and closed. Whether it is to resist the spring cold, or the necessary heating for living indoors for a long time, central air conditioning is very important. Midea central air conditioning adheres to the after-sales service tenet of “10 points professional, full points service”. It not only provides users with the quality commitment of “10-year warranty repair”, but also timely upgrades the after-sales cleaning and disinfection service according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control. Ensure that the service is “not offline” in exceptional times and is more considerate.

Self confidence comes from quality. Midea central air conditioner promises 10-year repair

It is understood that at present, in the air conditioning and water heater industry, most brands only stay at the level of warranty for after-sales service, while Midea central air conditioner publicly promises that all multi connected Midea household central air conditioners and household air energy water heaters purchased from January 1, 2020 will be repaired in 10 years. In contrast, the commitment of “guaranteed repair” is much stricter than that of “warranty”. Few brands can promise long-term repair to consumers. The 10-year warranty repair is the longest warranty repair period for the complete machine of multi connected household central air conditioner and household air energy water heater so far.

In fact, without the support of real product quality, no matter how long the commitment is, it is also empty talk. Midea dares to promise to repair the multi connected household central air conditioner and household air energy water heater for 10 years, which is based on its absolute confidence in the quality of its products.

For example, the pilot series of all season beautiful household central air conditioners use 183 patented technologies through the efforts of 256 R & D engineers for 858 days and nights. Equipped with the self-developed “hot Chi core” air jet enthalpy increasing double rotor compressor, the industry’s first IH refrigerant instantaneous heat technology and double circuit refrigerant heat dissipation technology, it comprehensively improves the heating power of air conditioning in extremely cold environment; Through steam sterilization and whole house humidification, each room can be controlled separately to meet the different needs of users, and solve the user pain points that can not be solved by traditional humidifiers.

It is based on the excellent quality of the product itself that Midea central air conditioner dares to promise 10-year guaranteed after-sales service.

Customer first, Midea central air conditioner provides more considerate after-sales service

Recently, in order to reduce the worries of users, maximize the avoidance of cross infection, and improve the work efficiency of air conditioning, Midea central air conditioning has timely upgraded the after-sales cleaning and disinfection service to ensure that users can use it more safely.

Midea central air conditioner promises 10-year warranty repair and provides more considerate after-sales service

In view of the needs of epidemic prevention and control, in addition to the standardized cleaning and disinfection service standards of Midea central air conditioning, before each service, the staff shall measure and record the body temperature, fully disinfect the tools used, and wear protective articles such as masks, gloves and shoe covers before entering the door.

Before formal cleaning, the staff will check the machine first. In order to reduce dirt infection, the service staff will keep a certain distance from the user and reduce unnecessary conversation. After the machine inspection, the service personnel will cover around the equipment, such as laying disposable tablecloths around and below the air conditioner to effectively isolate the pollutants generated during formal operation.

During the special period, Midea’s after-sales service of central air conditioner uses professional cleaning machine equipment with high-temperature sterilization function, and the cleaning and disinfection agent mainly uses special antibacterial agent, so as to ensure better effect. In the process of cleaning and disinfection, through repeated standardized operations, omissions are avoided as much as possible to maximize the sterilization and disinfection effect.

Of course, after all the cleaning work is completed, the service personnel of Midea central air conditioning will comprehensively clean the site to ensure that it is clean and tidy after restoration.

Strong confidence in its own technology and product quality is the foundation for Midea’s commitment to 10-year guaranteed repair of central air conditioning. The consistent and considerate service to users has further deepened the impression of Midea’s brand image in the hearts of consumers. No matter what period, the original intention of quality service remains unchanged, which is the secret of Midea central air conditioning’s continuous leading in the fierce market competition in the industry.

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