Recently, patentlyapple disclosed a patent of the U.S. trademark office on Microsoft’s headset, which shows that Microsoft hopes to integrate several unrealized new functions into the headset, further advance the concept of ultra portable wireless, and then challenge Apple’s leading position in the wireless headset market. However, according to the Patent Description, Microsoft’s earphone is not a “killer” of airpods, and many things will not be so advanced as to make airpods obsolete.

According to the abstract part of the Patent Description, Microsoft hopes that its smart wireless headset can do a variety of things, such as directly integrating a sensor that can measure body temperature in the earplug, and supporting a voice assistant, which can be used to ask about weather forecasts, stock trends, traffic conditions, make notes or reminder lists, make calls, etc. as long as there is a computing device that provides a voice interface near the headset, it can operate through the headset.

Microsoft's new patent has been exposed, and it is developing wireless earphones, or challenging Apple's market position in airpods

Of course, Microsoft’s smart wireless headset also has the function of sending notification to the wearer. However, Microsoft wants headphones to be integrated into more hardware ecology. For example, when sending and receiving new messages or emails in an application on the mobile phone, they can also be synchronously connected to other Microsoft devices, including Xbox game console or TV. With the synchronization function, other computing devices can actively send notifications to users through headphones.

Basically, Microsoft hopes to promote the advanced concept of wireless headphones through unrealized technologies, provide additional functions by adding more sensors, and finally cooperate with Microsoft to expand various businesses. However, this product is still in the patent stage and cannot be guaranteed to come out. Therefore, it is too early to fight against airpods.

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