One thing was made clear last week by Microsoft hololens 2: it’s a device for enterprise users. If you don’t know that, you know the price of $3500.

But in fact, consumer grade AR is an increasingly popular topic. We can all see the future of consumer grade AR, said Greg Sullivan, communications director for Microsoft’s hybrid reality division. Hololens devices will provide us with map navigation and display virtual Netflix screens. How long does it take to get there? It could take years.

Microsoft has determined that AR hololens 2 is an enterprise class device and will not launch a consumer class device for the time being

In an interview, Sullivan confirmed the idea that hololens 2 will be an enterprise class device for life.

“The way we think about this is that the consumer market may take years to measure, which means that we have established our belief that, in a way, mixed reality is the future of interactive models,” Sullivan said. We’re also going to liberate the digital world from tablets that have been trapped for decades and bring it into the real world, which I think has profound value. “

The reporter asked Sullivan if Microsoft would plan any kind of consumer application device for hololens. Maybe the price is a little lower, and the function may not be as perfect as hololens 2. He told me the company didn’t have it at the moment.

Hopefully, one day, hololens will push consumer grade glasses again. Then we’re going to save money.

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