The “Internet plus” smart energy has been a constant concern for the “Internet plus” smart energy development, jointly issued by the NDRC, the State Energy Bureau and the Ministry of industry and commerce.

This document has been evaluated as the direction document for the industry in the next 10 years. It is the first ten year plan of “Internet plus” smart energy. After two years of exploration, how about Internet plus smart energy? What questions remain to be solved?

Recently, at the “2018 Smart Energy Development Summit Forum” sponsored by China Electric Power Enterprise Federation, the participants discussed the hot topics of “Internet plus” smart energy, regional energy transformation, comprehensive energy services and energy storage technology trends.

Microgrid is an important part of smart grid

“Gone for ever,” the traditional single power generation and single transmission era is gone. We have already started the “Internet plus” smart energy era. “The wisdom of energy, Limited by Share Ltd, believes that the new era calls for clean, intelligent, efficient and safe development of energy. With the large-scale application of renewable energy and the continuous maturity of information technologies such as the Internet and the Internet of things, vigorously developing the energy Internet has become an irreversible trend, which has also become an era proposition that global new energy enterprises urgently need to explore and actively respond.

Microgrid is regarded as an important part of the energy Internet in the industry. According to experts, microgrid, as a new energy networked supply and management technology, has no strict definition of its energy, ranging from tens of kilowatts to tens of megawatts. Its role is to coordinate the originally decentralized distributed power generation to ensure the reliability and safety of the distribution network. At the same time, it can be smoothly connected to the renewable energy system to realize user demand side management and the maximum utilization of existing energy and resources.

Compared with traditional power grid, the biggest feature of microgrid is that it can digest and balance distributed energy locally, and can also exchange energy with large power grid. For this reason, microgrid is considered to be an important part of the smart grid field and has a wide application prospect in industrial and commercial areas, urban areas and remote areas.

“In the long run, the development of microgrid is very important. In the foreseeable future, with the progress of Distributed Renewable Energy energy storage microgrid technology, the reduction of cost, the emergence of new load, combined with the reform of power sales side, microgrid will have more and more power market share.” Tang Xuewen, director of new energy department of Jiangsu Energy Bureau, said.

However, some industry experts said that at present, the research on Microgrid is in the ascendant, especially in the aspects of raw materials, components, components, system software network and so on.

The key to the development of energy storage lies in the progress of battery technology

Energy storage technology is considered to be the “last kilometer” of new energy development. The so-called energy storage is to store the secondary energy through chemical or physical methods to realize the time and space transfer of energy. Experts said that the reason for developing energy storage is that energy storage meets people’s demand for portable and mobile equipment in production and life.

At present, China’s new energy development momentum is very rapid. According to the plan, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic will reach 1 billion kw in 2050. However, with the development of new energy, the phenomenon of abandoning wind and light is very serious. The reason is that new energy power generation is unstable and intermittent, and large-scale development and utilization will make the contradiction between supply and demand more prominent. In a sense, the application degree of energy storage technology will determine the development level of new energy.

The key to the development of energy storage technology is the progress of battery technology. Chen Yongzhen, head of the energy storage technology research group of the Institute of electrical engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that “renewable energy + energy storage” is an inevitable choice for the development of new energy, and the complexity of energy storage application scenarios determines the diversified development direction of energy storage battery technology. “In the future, high-capacity batteries for peak shaving and energy storage and high-power batteries for power frequency modulation and energy storage need technological innovation and breakthrough.” Chen Yongzhen said that energy storage batteries include six technical connotations, among which battery materials are the basis, but not the whole research of energy storage battery technology.

He suggested that in the future, basic exploration projects can focus on the research of new materials, while technical engineering projects should pay attention to the breakthrough of other non material technologies. “Based on the experience of existing commercial and demonstration energy storage power stations, and focusing on the overall goal of ‘low cost, long life, high safety and easy recovery’, develop various capacity peak valley energy storage batteries, power frequency modulation energy storage batteries and energy composite energy storage batteries, cooperate with other types of energy storage technologies, and support the rapid development of energy storage industry.”

In Chen Yongzhen’s view, the spring of energy storage has come, and the industry has begun to sprout and blossom. However, there is a long way to go from promoting the consumption of renewable energy to reducing the utilization cost of renewable energy, or from the spring of industrial sprouting to the summer of vigorous development.

According to the statistics of the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration and other departments, China’s energy storage will reach 24 gigawatts in 2025, with dozens of times of development space. However, the deputy director of the science and Technology Department of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. said that at present, although there are many directions for energy storage, except peak valley arbitrage, others are lack of policy support, and it is very difficult to survive on their own.

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