Mxt1296m1t provides various communication options, ISO 26262 functional security support and flexible RF emission control

With the increasing demand for large touch screens and flexible shapes in the automotive market, Microchip Technology Inc. announced the launch of a new maxtouch ® Touch screen controller helps automotive developers meet various unique aspect ratio requirements of on-board touch screen. This new product includes additional functional security support required by the OEM.

The mxt1296m1t can reconfigure the drive and receive touch channels to match the accurate screen format, with an aspect ratio from 1:1 to 5:1, including the mainstream 8:3 vehicle aspect ratio. This feature enables customers to effectively utilize the number of existing touch channels without having to choose a larger and more expensive touch controller. In addition, customers can support different aspect ratios of touch sensors by reusing common PCB designs, thus saving additional development and verification time and resources. Mxt1296m1t is the first product in the industry to realize sensor channel reconfiguration through parameters. These settings do not require firmware modifications, reducing design risk and accelerating time to market.

Clayton pillion, director of human machine interface Business Department of microchip, said: “With the popularity of touch screen display in the automotive user interface, automotive manufacturers are using various display formats and shapes to adapt to the internal design and highlight their brand image. As the world’s No. 1 Automotive touch screen controller supplier, we know that for those customers who are considering the unique functions and the increasing ISO 26262 functional safety requirements in the design, products with enhanced diagnostic functions are a major advantage 。”

Microchip’s new maxtouch touch touch screen controller provides two simultaneous communication interfaces, which can be bridgeless connected with the back-end channel of the LVDS video link to obtain touch information and connected with the local single chip microcomputer (MCU). The bridgeless topology reduces touch latency, thereby improving the user experience. It also supports full compatibility with maxtouch software drivers for all major automotive operating systems, including Linux ®、 Android ™ And QNX ®。 When connected to a suitable local MCU, the second interface provides:

-It is connected to the redundant link of the vehicle head device through the CAN bus or 10base-t1s vehicle Ethernet to improve the system level functional safety

-Local access and control of maxtouch touch controller functions such as capacitive key reporting, real-time touch sensor diagnostics, and raw data for external and custom post-processing.

-Wireless and secure firmware update using microchip’s trustanchor100 supporting chip

The mxt1296m1t incorporates various functional safety features to continuously check the integrity of the touch controller operation and the connected touch sensors. Failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis (fmeda) and the functional safety manual greatly simplify the customer’s experience in designing, building and certifying automotive safety integrity class B (asil-b) application systems that comply with ISO 26262.

Mxt1296m1t can realize high-resolution transmission waveform control to reduce RF radiation and avoid interference with automotive radio or RFID systems. As the size of the car screen increases, it is expected that the RF radiation generated by capacitive touch technology will also increase. The radiation limits of major automobile manufacturers vary in amplitude, frequency and bandwidth. The mxt1296m1t uses a dedicated on-chip 64 stage analog-to-digital converter (DAC) to accurately shape the waveform of the transmission line. This enables designers to precisely control the frequency response and optimize harmonic emissions to meet specific OEM specified limits.

development tool

The latest version of maxtouch studio integrated development environment (IDE) supports the configuration and debugging of mxt1296m1t.

Orderable development kits include:

-Atevk-mxt1296m1t-a: various evaluation kits, including development board with USB bridge, 12.3 “/8:3 format /1.1mm single glass solution (OGS) touchpad, and touch key add-on board for mutual and self capacitance

-Atmxt1296m1t-i2c-pcb: development board for connecting customer touch sensors

supply commodity

The mxt1296m1t is now in mass production. ISO 26262 fmeda and functional safety manual will be available in the first quarter of 2022.

The trustanchor100 supporting chip has been mass produced.

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