Microchip’s polarfire? SOC FPGA icle toolkit provides an extensive risc-v instruction set architecture based mi-v ecosystem for the industry’s lowest power FPGAs

The application of free and open source risc-v instruction set architecture (ISA) is becoming more and more popular, which promotes the demand of economic and standardized development platform, which embeds risc-v technology and utilizes diversified risc-v ecosystem. To meet this demand, Microchip Technology Inc. announced the industry’s first risc-v-based SOC FPGA development kit. This development kit, named icicle, is designed for the industry-leading polarfire? SOC FPGA with low power consumption, low cost and risc-v. it brings together many mi-v partners to help accelerate customer design, deployment and commercial application in different industries.

Microchip releases the industry's first SOC FPGA development kit based on risc-v instruction set architecture

Designers can now begin to develop and evaluate a wide range of risc-v ecosystem products, such as real-time operating system (RTOS), debugger, compiler, modular system (SOM) and security solutions, so as to easily deploy risc-v-based programmable SOC FPGAs. Mi-v risc-v partner ecosystem is an expanding and comprehensive tool suite and design resource developed by microchip and many third parties to fully support risc-v design.

Bruce Weyer, vice president of microchip FPGA business unit, said: “with the wide application of risc-v software and silicon chips in the market, microchip is leading the revolutionary transformation of processor design. We are eliminating entry barriers through a low-cost assessment platform. Through this platform, embedded engineers, software designers and hardware developers can take advantage of the advantages of open risc-v ISA and microchip’s polarfire SOC FPGA, which has the best size, shape, heat dissipation and low power consumption in the industry

David Patterson, vice chairman of risc-v international board and 2017 Turing Award winner, said: “the low-power risc-v development board, which is sold for less than $500, is very attractive. The built-in polarfire SOC in microchip icle toolkit will accelerate the development of risc-v software ecosystem, which is good news for applications requiring low-power mid-range SOC FPGAs. “

Microchip’s icle toolkit for polarfire SOC and mi-v ecosystem can integrate with the following services and support polarfire SOC FPGA:

·Risc-v processor complex from sifive and embedded trace macro unit from ultrasoc

·Development tools from adacore, green hills software, mentor graphics and Wind River

·Commercial RTOS solutions that complement microchip’s Linux and bare metal solutions, such as nucleus and VxWorks

·Middleware solutions from dornerworks, hex five, verify security and wolfssl

·SOM and design services from antmicro, Aries embedded, digital core technologies, embalo technologies, Sundance DSP and trenz electronic

For the latest list of mi-v partners, visit microchip’s mi-v partner ecosystem page.

The iclle toolkit is centered on the polarfire SOC with 250000 logic elements, including the PCI? Connector and mikrobus Gamma Slot, dual RJ45 connector, micro USB connector, can bus connector, raspberry Pi? Pin connector, JTAG port and SD card interface provide a fully functional development platform for developers. Microchip’s power management and clock device, Ethernet PHY (vsc8662xic), USB controller (usb3340-ezk-tr) and current sensor (pac1934t-i / JQ) provide support for the development board.

The total power consumption of polarfire SOC FPGA is 50% lower than that of competitive products. By using SOC FPGA, developers can also get more customization and differentiation opportunities through the inherent upgrade ability of devices and the ability to integrate functions on a single chip. The polarfire SOC FPGA family offers a variety of packages and sizes to better balance application performance and power consumption, enabling customers to implement solutions in package sizes as small as 11 × 11mm. Microchip’s polarfire SOC fpgaicicle toolkit is very suitable for intelligent embedded imaging, Internet of things, industrial automation, national defense, automobile and communication applications.

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Microchip’s polarfire SOC FPGA instrument kit (mpfs-icle-kit-es) will be available from today, starting at $489.00. Polarfire FPGA will be in mass production today and will provide early SOC FPGA samples. For more information or to purchase a kit, please contact a microchip sales representative or a global authorized distributor.

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