Microchip MPLAB Ò ice 4 online simulator is a complete simulation, programming and debugging system with real-time code analysis functions of wireless connection, power debugging and usage tracking

If you want to make a complete analysis of the project to achieve rapid development, embedded engineers need easy-to-use and powerful simulation hardware. Microchip Technology Inc. (American microchip technology company) today announced the launch of the next generation development tool MPLAB, which integrates online simulation, debugging and programming functions ® ICE 4。 This new tool is applicable to Microchip PIC Ò and AVR Ò MCU, dsPIC Ò digital signal controller (DSC), Sam MCU and microprocessor (MPU).

MPLAB ice 4 online simulator is the fastest and most versatile simulation and programming tool of microchip for its MCU and MPU. The new tool relies on the powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface of MPLAB x integrated development environment (IDE) for debugging and programming. MPLAB ice 4 online emulator provides a flexible development experience, including advanced debugging functions for writing energy-efficient code and various functions required to reduce debugging time.

Rodger Richey, senior director of microchip development systems business department, said: “Engineers can use this powerful system with all functions in one to expand development capabilities and provide new possibilities and applications through enhanced hardware and wireless connection options. Coupled with advanced power monitoring, embedded design engineers can optimize hardware and software at the same time to achieve comprehensive energy-efficient design.”

The MPLAB ice 4 online simulator system uses superspeed USB 3.0 or high-speed USB 2.0 for connection, and can choose to use Ethernet or Wi Fi wireless connection to improve flexibility and ease of use.

The system provides Ethernet or Wi Fi connection for seamless wireless programming and debugging. Ethernet connection provides remote debugging for remote monitoring applications. In addition, Wi Fi connection is very helpful to provide isolation from environmental conditions, such as high voltage motor control applications or floating systems without grounding loops.

The powerful hardware of MPLAB ice 4 is integrated with the function of MPLAB x to set CI / CD through Ethernet, which greatly improves the efficiency of the whole system. Designers can use the latest version of MPLAB x ide V6 00, use the CI / CD wizard to set Jenkins and docker.

It is also equipped with power debugging function, which can use the MPLAB data visualizer to monitor the correlation between power consumption and code. In addition, embedded engineers can extract more information from the code by using two independent current sensing channels with different resolutions to measure and optimize the power consumption of the design.

Engineers can take advantage of the advanced functions of MPLAB ice 4 online simulator to support many widely used instruments and command tracking functions, so as to reduce development time. The multiple debugging and programming interfaces of ice 4 and the target connection option using the adapter board further help to reduce development time.

MPLAB ice 4 online simulator can debug and program all MCU, DSC and MPU of microchip. When developers migrate from one microchip MCU or MPU to another, it can simplify the design process. It has the latest hardware, comprehensive device support, multiple functions, reliability and compatibility with the latest version of MPLAB x ide V6 00 provides a complete development system. In addition to microchip’s proprietary free software and MPLAB x IDE for embedded applications, the company also provides developers with a full set of free optimization compiler, professional compiler license, functional security license and code coverage license.

For more information on the MPLAB ice 4 online simulator, please visit the microchip website.

Supply and pricing

The MPLAB ice 4 online simulator dv244140 is now available for $1799, including a kit. Other supporting kits can be purchased separately. Microchip’s MPLAB ice 4 kit ac244140 costs $350.

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