Timepictra Ò 11 timing infrastructure management system integrates blueskytm GNSS firewall,Create a unified view for a more secure network timing architecture.

Today’s 5g wireless infrastructure has more complex, higher density synchronization requirements than the previous generation network, and highly relies on the integrity of the “real-time sky” timing signal of global navigation satellite system (GNSS). Microchip Technology Inc. announced today that it has integrated its bluesky GNSS firewall with the timepictra 11 synchronous monitoring and management platform to protect the 5g network and other critical time service infrastructure from global positioning system (GPS) signal interference and spoofing, and to provide single console visibility for the entire time service architecture.

Randy brudzinski, vice president of microchip frequency and timing systems business department, said: “while microchip’s timepictra system manages network timing synchronization, GNSS firewall enhances network resilience through real-time GPS threat detection and response measures, thus improving the overall situation awareness capability. Our solution is also scalable, which is particularly valuable for mobile operators. Because they can use timepictra to monitor the GNSS based source clock and our network-based secure time service solution to provide them with a highly flexible time service architecture for their transition to 5g. “

In addition to obtaining accurate timing from GNSS sources, key infrastructure operators also need to provide accurate timing distribution in their networks to ensure reliable performance and service delivery. Timepictra provides comprehensive control and monitoring for the flexible timing architecture created by the rich products of microchip, including timeprovider Ò 4100 master clock for 5g network synchronization. It can also monitor the health and performance of PTP client clocks. Now, after integrating bluesky GNSS firewall management into timepictra console view, operators will be able to uniformly manage the whole timing architecture and all timing sources.

In addition to supporting 5g deployment, timepictra also enables airlines, railways and seaports to establish regional, national or global perspectives on GNSS reception. After integrating with bluesky GNSS firewall, timepictra can monitor key GNSS observation data to detect real-time sky signal anomalies and provide early warning, so that operators can adopt GNSS independent alternatives. Where public safety depends on the location and navigation of daily operations, these capabilities are increasingly important.

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Microchip’s timepictra timing infrastructure management system integrated with blue sky GNSS firewall is now on the market.

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