The infrastructure strength of a country increasingly depends on the accuracy of time. Because global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is facing ubiquitous network security threats, the use of standby time system is related to national security. To meet this demand, Microchip Technology Inc. (American microchip technology company) today announced the launch of a precise time scale system. This world-class time service system can be traced back to the world coordinated time (UTC), and does not rely on global navigation satellite systems, so that countries, institutions, key infrastructure operators and scientific laboratories have full control over the time sources on which their infrastructure depends.

Precise time scale system (PTSS) is a fully integrated system, which can provide time service accuracy equivalent to that of the most advanced national laboratories in the world. The core products integrated into PTSS include:

·Syncsystem 4380a time scale edition generates an independent time scale, which is synthesized by multiple highly accurate independent clocks and a multi-channel instrument that measures and compares clock performance.

·Time scale orchestrator is a software platform with unified view and built-in database, which integrates the management, monitoring, alarm and reporting functions of each product constituting the time scale system.

·5071a cesium atomic clock main frequency standard and mhm 2020 active hydrogen atomic clock are microchip atomic clocks, which can provide accurate and stable frequencies, and calculate and generate integrated time scale frequencies through continuous mutual measurement.

The precise time scale system (PTSS) integrates several new time scale products into a turnkey solution, which can be used on a single rack, and is guaranteed by a complete factory acceptance test (fat) higher than the most stringent requirements. PTSS enables each country to operate its own time scale system independently and efficiently within its own territory, and is consistent with UTC calculated by the International Bureau of measurement (BIPM). The system also integrates syncserver of microchip ® S600/s650 and timeprovider ® 4100 time server, which can provide trusted time for critical infrastructure using network time protocol (NTP) and precise time protocol (PTP ™)。

Randy brudzinski, vice president of microchip frequency and time systems, said: “Microchip’s precise time scale system provides a high-quality time source that can back up or replace GNSS and can be distributed through eloran, IEEE 1588 optical fiber, bidirectional time transmission and other methods. By implementing autonomous time sources, a country can control and utilize time as a practical tool to protect critical infrastructure, including transportation, financial sector, communication and power facilities.”

Alternatively, customers who build their own time scale system can purchase microchip’s time scale products separately to provide core time scale functions, such as clock measurement and clock group generation, as well as system management, monitoring and performance reporting. The modular design of the system enables timekeepers to gradually purchase the system within the budget and with the development of technology.

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The precise time scale system is a customized solution designed according to customer requirements and consists of four core products, including syncsystem 4380a time scale version, time scale choreographer, 5071a cesium atomic clock master frequency standard and mhm 2020 active hydrogen atomic clock master clock. For more information or purchase, please contact your microchip sales representative.


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