The alternative to this hybrid converter improves design flexibility while reducing system volume, cost and development time

Space system designers cannot easily use the traditional hybrid power converter to support non-standard voltage or increase functions. By providing a family of aerospace grade DC-DC power converters based on discrete components, Microchip Technology Inc. (American microchip technology company) eliminates the cost, complexity and customization challenges of such hybrid solutions. Microchip recently announced that 28V input and 50W radiation resistance options have been added to this series of devices.

“Our latest 28V input sa50-28 products greatly simplify and accelerate system development. They are easier to customize than other aerospace grade power converters, so they can meet specific voltage, current and other requirements. Customers gain flexibility while reducing the volume, cost and complexity of space system design,” said Leon gross, vice president of discrete products business of microchip

At present, the microchip 28v-28 series of radiation resistant power converters are the only one in the industry. The product is based on discrete components and adopts surface mount structure and non hybrid assembly process. Compared with other off the shelf aerospace grade power converters, the sa50-28 device with customized parameters can provide more functions and eliminate the problems of volume, weight and complexity of multiple devices and surrounding circuits caused by the use of hybrid solutions.

Microchip’s complete sa50-28 product series has an input voltage of 20V to 40V and a power of 50W. It has nine standard outputs of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V and 28V in single output and three output configuration modes. Compared with hybrid power converter products, this series of devices can be customized according to the strict power requirements of the system in a relatively short time, and the additional cost is lower. Other features include high efficiency, low output noise, output suppression control, overcurrent protection, external synchronization and full rated power operation in the range of – 55 ° C to + 85 ° C, linear derating, and the operating temperature can be extended to + 125 ° C.

Sa50-28 series is one of microchip’s growing standard non hybrid aerospace grade power converter products. The mature circuits of these converters have been tested by aerospace practice and can be used by aerospace application designers as commercial off the shelf components. These products also belong to the radiation resistant sa50-120 power converter series launched in February 2021, which can help designers start with the mature commercial off the shelf technology of ceramic or plastic packaging and quickly expand the development scale by using the screening level lower than the traditional qualified manufacturer list (QML), so as to reduce the risk and development time of qualified space systems.

supply commodity

Microchip radiation resistant sa50-28 series can be used for mass production with a limited number of samples. Prototype units are available in stock, and non radiation resistant engineering units can also be supplied. Their performance is the same as that of aerospace units, but the cost is lower. Since there is no relevant batch loss, the delivery time is usually faster than that of hybrid structural units. In addition to this series of devices, microchip also supplies FPGA series, high reliability anti radiation power semiconductors and aerospace timer devices.

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