In this era of pursuing thin and short, more and more electronic devices are more and more compact, and the space left for programming is less and less under the limited space. Micro Python is a compact version of the python 3 programming language, which can run in microcontrollers and restricted environments to meet the special requirements of small electronic devices. Airray electronics introduces the compact electronic circuit board of micropyrus, which can be used with micropyrus programming language learning kit to quickly carry out the programming and development of electronic products.

Scene application

Micro Python is a concise and effective implementation of the python 3 programming language, which includes a small part of the python standard library and is optimized to run in microcontrollers and restricted environments. Micro Python is compact enough to run in 256K of code space and 16K of ram. IResearch’s Micro Python module is an ideal computing solution platform for the Internet of things. For example, it only needs two commands to set the development board to ibeacon.

This is a compact electronic circuit board that can run micro python. It is integrated with silicon labsble module and can be easily implemented by using micro Python language.

Product entity diagram


Functional characteristics

Powerful STM microcontroller with pre built support of micro Python Programming Language

Added silicon labsble module support

Supporting SD card to store file system

Customizable Python Library

Infineon’s optigatrust security chip (optional)

Core chip

STM – 168mhz cortex M4 CPU with hardware floating point: stm32f405rg microcontroller


Silicon labs – ble module: bgm13p

NXP – 3-axis 12 bit direction / motion sensor: mma8652

Infineon optigatrust security chip: optigatrust

Molex – usbmicrotype-b connector: 1050170002

Molex – microSD memory card connector: 473092285

TXC – SMD: 32.768KHz and 12Mhz


Microphone programming language learning kit

block diagram


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