As the only part of the vehicle, the contact between the tire and the ground is self-evident.

On December 15, we learned from foreign media that Michelin plans to add radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to all its tires by 2023 to realize the networking of tires. The chip can provide predictive maintenance services and help to improve driving safety.

After the chip is integrated into the tire, it will improve the latter in many aspects.

For example, the chip can track the whole life cycle of tires, and can help advanced driving aids such as ESP to make fine adjustments according to the wear degree and working state of tires.

In addition, it can provide timely and accurate tire replacement and maintenance information, provide accurate tire identification and data for dealers and repair shops, reduce fitting errors, and help control inventory.

The technology, which uses up to 15 million chips a year, can be used to improve the recovery rate of used tires, allow recycling to be verified, and improve the efficiency of energy recovery projects.

Michael ewert, vice president of global sales for Michelin original equipment, said: “since RFID technology enables accurate tire identification, it is conceivable that in the future, drivers will see a tire status indicator next to the fuel gauge of the vehicle. RFID embedded in tires makes many new business models possible, and can further improve the safety of driving. We believe that this represents an important step forward for the tire industry. “

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