Strange cities, crowded crowds, wearing earphones, enjoying “one’s loneliness”, brushing microblogs, playing games, listening to music, and playing dramas… These seem to be the daily life of modern young people. Earphones have become a must-have for home travel. You deserve them! But kids who often wear Bluetooth headsets must have these problems: their ears are always painful and itchy after wearing them for a long time, which is particularly uncomfortable. In fact, many people know that it is not good to wear Bluetooth headsets for a long time, but either because of the working environment or the living environment. In short, music + headsets have become the standard configuration for many people outside. In order to make everyone use the headset more healthily, Xiaobian will give you some suggestions on how to use the Bluetooth headset correctly!

Reduce the use time of earphones and strictly follow the “60-60” principle.

The so-called “60-60” principle refers to an internationally recognized method for hearing protection, that is, when using headphones, the volume should not exceed 60% of the maximum volume, and it is best to adjust it to a lower volume; The continuous use of earphones should not exceed 60 minutes. Adults should not wear headphones for more than 3~4 hours a day, and minors should not wear headphones for more than 2 hours. After 30~40 minutes each time, the ears should be fully rested.

Never sleep with headphones on.

It is difficult to control the posture during sleeping, which may cause noise damage, but it is also easy to compress the earphone and bring physical damage to the fragile ears

Don’t listen to music in a noisy environment.

When you find that you can’t hear clearly when the volume is turned up to 60% in a noisy environment, it’s time to take off your headphones. Listening again will only damage your ears

Use headphones with noise reduction.

Try to use semi earphones or headphones; Try to use earphones in a quiet environment; Try to use earphones with noise reduction function, because active noise reduction earphones can reduce the noise impact when listening to music, and help us reduce the volume of earphones on the other hand.

Here are some comfortable Bluetooth headsets to share with you!

Stroke F1

In terms of hardware, the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip is built in the keystone F1, which has great advantages in stability, transmission rate and power consumption. It also supports the lossless transmission of aac/sbc to restore the high-quality sound quality of CD. With high-quality dual magnetic pure copper voice coil and graphene ultra-thin high elastic diaphragm, the sound can be more detailed and pleasant.

For the game, there are three modes of hit tone F1 to switch. There is a professional game mode during the game. Long press the touch area 4S to switch the mode. When the game mode is turned on, the headphone delay is as low as 0.04s, which is 2-3 times that of the traditional mode. The game mode also has its own “listening to the sound and identifying the position”. The 3D surround immersion experience makes eating chicken easy not a dream; In music mode, high-definition sound effect is decoded quickly, with graphene ultra-thin and high elastic diaphragm, EQ intelligent adjustment sound effect, and pure sound quality at any time; In the audio-visual mode, the picture and sound synchronization can be accelerated immediately. Whether it is Blu ray or 8K, the picture and sound synchronization can be realized, and the original sound effects can be enjoyed.

In terms of endurance, F1 continues the consistent long-lasting high endurance style of percussion, with a single endurance of up to 8 hours. With a 360 Ma battery compartment, the total endurance can reach 35 hours. Even if it is used in commuting, it can meet the needs of one week.

Huawei freebuds3

Huawei freebuses 3 wireless Bluetooth headset adopts semi open dolphin bionic design for comfortable and stable wearing. In terms of noise reduction effect, it is equipped with dynamic adjustment function, and the maximum noise suppression can reach 15dB. At the same time, freebuses 3 is equipped with patented wind noise prevention and streamlined microphone air duct design for bone voiceprint call noise reduction, and the call quality is still clear during 20km/h high-speed riding.

In terms of link speed, Huawei said that the Kirin A1 chip bt-uhd Bluetooth protocol adopted by freebus 3 is 33% faster than Apple’s airwaves 2. In terms of sound delay, the Bluetooth standard of freebus 3 has a data transmission rate of up to 2.3 Mbps, supports synchronous dual channel Bluetooth transmission, and the game audio delay is as low as 190ms.

In terms of battery life, each headset of the freebus 3 has a 30mah battery. A single charge can provide 4 hours of playback, while the charging box can provide about 20 hours of total playback time. It is said that the charging time of the headset and shell is only one hour, and it supports wired /qi wireless charging.


JBL tune 220tws true wireless headset is made of high-quality 12mm dynamic drive unit and equipped with a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless transmission technology. The connection is stable and reliable, and it can perform well in any environment and volume. It supports AAC and SBC encoding and decoding, brings high-quality wireless audio transmission features, enables urban youth to obtain pure and powerful low-frequency sound effects, low distortion and excellent precision restoration features every moment they enjoy music, and makes headphones a portable Companion to get more music fun anytime and anywhere.

In terms of call effect, JBL tune 220tws integrates a high-quality dual beam forming microphone, which can efficiently pick up the call sound and effectively isolate the background noise, bringing a clear call experience. Whether you are in a noisy street or working at home with headphones, you can have a clear and undistorted stereo call experience by simply touching the headphone unit, so that the environment will no longer hinder the call quality and no longer miss important calls.

Xiaomi air2 se

Xiaomi has been adhering to the product concept of “no design is the best design”. The same is true of this wireless Bluetooth headset. Its storage box has a square design. At first glance, the feeling is relatively simple. With the elegant white, there is no frivolous color technique, which makes its appearance score increase a lot.

Xiaomizhen wireless Bluetooth headset air2 se is connected to mobile phones through Bluetooth, and can be used by all major brands of mobile phones. If you are pairing with Xiaomi mobile phone, due to its deep interaction with MIUI, you can directly skip the tedious pairing steps to open the box pop-up window and display the power of the headset body and the charging box. The first connection needs to be manually completed in the Bluetooth settings.

In terms of calls, xiaomizhen wireless Bluetooth headset air2 se supports dual microphone call noise reduction. Two high-sensitivity microphones are installed in the headset, which can significantly reduce the environmental noise during calls and ensure high-definition calls. In terms of endurance, Xiaomi Zhen wireless Bluetooth headset air2 se can be used for 5 hours when it is fully charged, and can be used for 20 hours with a charging box. Its performance is quite excellent.


Different from the design of similar products, fiil CC adopts a personalized separate design. The earphone and the body are made of different colors and materials, so that the body can adopt the square tube thin-wall injection molding process. Combined with the minimalist line design, the earphone has a more slim and scientific appearance.

The two fiil CC earphones have built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chips respectively, and either earphone can be connected instantly. With the fiil flash technology, the single and dual ear mode can be switched seamlessly. Earphones are specially designed to create targeted low delay solutions for the three scenes of playing games, listening to music and chasing video. They can be switched according to the actual needs at that time, so that users can truly enjoy the audio-visual synchronization experience of seeing and hearing. Especially in the aspect of game experience, the special wire of fiil CC is used for signal transmission, sound and picture synchronization, lower delay, sound and position discrimination, and preemption.

The “fiil+” app not only supports three low delay modes: game mode, music mode and video mode, which can be switched randomly according to the actual use scenario, but also supports 10 segment sound effect customization and enables the sound quality enhancement mode to meet your critical listening preferences.
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