MEMS oscillators provide a highly stable reference frequency that can be used to manage data transmission, define radio frequencies, and sequence electronic systems. They are becoming more and more important for many applications such as avionics, field and satellite communication, accurate GNSS, aerospace and so on. Major manufacturers in this field include sitime, Jauch quartz, Raltron electronics, Abracon holdings and microchip technology. Let’s focus on the main recent developments in this field.

Sitime launches MEMS timing solutions for aerospace and defense

Sitime, a wholly-owned subsidiary of megachips in Japan, is a global leader in MEMS timing solutions. In July this year, sitime announced the launch of a new Endura series MEMS timing solutions. Endura’s product portfolio covers six oscillator types and 17 products. All devices provide programmable options such as frequency, operating voltage and stability. In addition, some devices also provide special programmable functions, such as spread spectrum, traction range and differential output type. Endura products have the highest two-stage acceleration sensitivity as low as 4 ppt / g (typical). The wide product portfolio provides customers with a large number of choices, and can configure each device according to application requirements.

MEMS oscillator pursues better timing accuracy

“When subjected to high-intensity impact, vibration and extreme temperature, traditional timing components are prone to failure, reducing system performance and reliability,” said Piyush sevalia, executive vice president of marketing of sitime. “In order to solve these problems, sitime has created silicon-based MEMS oscillator system, analog circuit, compensation algorithm and advanced packaging. Under harsh environment, Its performance is better than any other available timing solution. For example, Endura’s high-precision TCXO provides 4 ppt / g acceleration sensitivity, 50 times better than traditional quartz based solutions. With this performance, we believe Endura will change the oscillator Market in aerospace and defense. “

Tekmodul launches precise timing synchronization solution

Tekmodul, a German supplier of wireless data communication radio modules, announced the launch of atops nts7500 “grandmaster clock”. It is equipped with a stratum 1 NTP (Network Time Protocol) server, which can communicate directly through a stratum-0-clock one-to-one connection. The equipment is expected to play a key role in the field of energy distribution.

“The nts7500 grandmaster clock is designed to ensure efficient operation of switchgear in large intelligent systems. Our world is becoming more and more intelligent, and smart grid will become the key to meet the growing global energy demand. Therefore, switchgear plays an important fundamental role in the field of long-term overall energy distribution, “tekmodul said.

MEMS oscillator pursues better timing accuracy

Microchip supplies the industry’s “smallest” MEMS clock generator

Microchip technology is a publicly listed manufacturer of microcontrollers, mixed signal, analog and flash IP integrated circuits in the United States. It is now providing the industry’s “smallest” MEMS clock generator dsc613 series. This series can replace up to three crystal oscillators, thus reducing the occupied space of timing elements by up to 80%. It includes two low-power fractional phase locked loops (fractional PLL), which provide leading frequency flexibility and strong jitter performance.

The customer can configure the output frequency, control pin function, package size, PPM accuracy and temperature range. According to the load of customized circuit board, up to three output driving strengths can be provided. Spread spectrum clock technology can also be used to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI). Microchip acquired MEMS timing technology through the acquisition of discera and Micrel in 2015.

MEMS oscillator pursues better timing accuracy

Cooperation between Jauch quartz and Endrich

Jauch quartz, a supplier of quartz crystal, crystal oscillator, MEMS oscillator and battery technology, recently announced a partnership with distributor Endrich. At the same time, the company also released a new MEMS jso15 tr solution. Due to its characteristics, MEMS JSO TR is very suitable for high-precision real-time clock applications, such as mobile medical devices and health monitors.

In addition, its low-power advantage makes it available for wearable devices, smart watches and sports trackers to extend the battery life of these battery powered devices. The extreme temperature stability of MEMS jso15 tr solution makes this MEMS oscillator very suitable for smart meters installed outside buildings. The MEMS JSO tr can be powered by a variable supply voltage of 1.5 V ~ 3.63 V, resulting in a frequency deviation of less than + / – 1.5 ppm.

MEMS oscillator pursues better timing accuracy

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