Revolutionary bus protocol technology provides more streamlined solutions that meet space, time to market and budget constraints.

On September 10, 2021, the engineering accumulation of melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company from tysandro, Belgium, can help automobile manufacturers win competitive advantages and realize the vehicle integrated dynamic lighting function. The combination of advanced multi-channel driver chip and free license high-speed bus protocol provides the performance and scalability required by the vehicle.

Melexis is a global microelectronics engineering company, which uses its most advanced in vehicle networking functions to comply with the latest automotive lighting trends. By using our free license melibu ® Technology, design engineers will obtain the high-speed interface required to realize dynamic lighting applications.

Based on can-fd physical layer and self synchronous UART communication, melibu bus protocol has been supported by melexis’s multi-channel mlx81116 and mlx81117 LED driver chips and mlx81130 OLED driver. More compatible products will be available soon. Melibu’s high bandwidth and ultra-low delay characteristics can realize the real-time update of more than 300 rgb-leds. Therefore, attractive dynamic content can be displayed on the LED lighting matrix without affecting performance. There is no need to use too many components that increase the overall cost and occupy the space of the circuit board.

In addition to providing a data transmission rate of 2 Mbit / s, melibu also has the robustness required to deal with ESD and EMI problems related to vehicle deployment. Compliance with iso26262 means full compliance with ASIL B functional safety expectations. This unique bus protocol supports lighting for internal and external applications. It covers dynamic brand badges, steering lights, safety warning lights, daytime running lights, telephone reminders, etc.

“Whether luxury, mid-range or economy models, our customers in the automotive industry can create real differentiation for their latest models and win higher market appeal,” said Michael bender, manager of melexis embedded lighting product line.

“Melibu and its related driver chips provide a highly flexible and fully scalable platform. They bring exciting new lighting concepts without worrying about system cost or complexity. This means that the dynamic lighting function can now also be used in medium and low-end models.”

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