The mlx81118 with 24 channel output can flexibly realize dynamic and personalized interior ambient lighting through Lin, bringing higher reliability to asil-a applications and complying with ISO 26262 standard.

On November 19, 2021, Belgium thyssendello global microelectronics engineering company melexis today announced the launch of a multi-channel Lin RGB LED controller chip mlx81118 with 24 LED driver outputs, further promoting innovative dynamic automotive lighting design. Mlx81118 can drive 8-way RGB channels, reducing the bill of materials cost and simplifying the front lighting design inside and outside the vehicle. In addition, the mlx81118 also adds a dual input voltage function to significantly reduce LED power consumption for Lin applications.

Melexis has further expanded this product range by introducing a multi-channel Lin RGB LED controller chip mlx81118 for interior ambient lighting and dynamic lighting applications in the Lin ecosystem. The mlx81118 has 24 outputs (each output can provide up to 60mA of current) and can drive eight RGB channels. Independent PWM control and up to 16 bit resolution configuration enable this controller to achieve any color point and brightness.

Mlx81118 is a powerful supplement to melexis mlx81115 and mlx81113 to meet a wide range of application requirements. Mlx81113 is mainly used for the lighting function of traditional interior atmosphere lamps, while mlx81118 is widely used in applications that need to control multiple RGB LEDs through a Lin node in one or more modules, such as door trim or instrument panel applications. Multi channel support means that the mlx81118 is also suitable for dynamic lighting effects via Lin control.

In addition to reducing the bill of materials and simplifying the design of multi-channel internal and external lighting systems, the mlx81118 also reduces LED power consumption, thanks to the new dual input voltage function, which optimizes the driving voltage of connected LEDs. This helps simplify thermal management, improve module reliability, and reduce power consumption.

Built in direct and indirect temperature monitoring allows temperature compensation for all channels to ensure a stable color point over the entire temperature operating range from -40 ℃ to 125 ℃.

The newly launched mlx81118 is based on the Lin RGB LED controller of melexis. It has various verified functions. A complete Lin system, including transceiver and protocol processor, is built in to connect the LED module to the Lin network of the vehicle. Lin interface conforms to lin2 X, SAE j2602 standards and ISO 18987 standards support automatic addressing according to bus parallel mode.

LED control is handled by melexis’ mlx16 FX 16 bit RISC microcontroller and on-chip memory subsystem, which is equipped with 2KB ram and 32KB flash memory (for storing application programs and led calibration coefficients) and real EEPROM (for storing additional customer data). In addition, mlx81118 meets the requirements of ISO 26262 and can meet the use of functional safety system.

“The mlx81118 supports highly flexible control, which can achieve creative lighting effects and lead the trend. With new features such as supporting the output of eight RGB channels and precise control of color and brightness, designers can add personalization and enhance security.” Michael bender, product line manager of melexis Lin, said, “at the same time, we have added some functions to improve reliability, simplify thermal management and maximize temperature stability, resulting in an excellent user experience.”

This product has a complete tool chain, including evaluation board, online emulator and C compiler package, which can help accelerate application development. It also provides basic software including Lin driver, color mixing, math library and IC initialization routines.

In order to better support customers, melexis can provide customized application software support when needed.

Mlx81118 has passed relevant certification and meets the requirements of aecq-100 vehicle specification and PPAP. This product features a space saving leadless qfn32 5mm x 5mm heat dissipation enhanced package.

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