On January 5, 2021, Meizu officially released the first phase of its new smart home brand, lipro health lighting series. Earlier, Meizu successively released its brand-new smart home brand strategy and new product launch information in the last few days of 2020. Meanwhile, Meizu announced that it will continue to make efforts in lighting, control and security in the future, and plans to become the top three of China’s high-end smart home in three years.

After the new year’s Day holiday, Meizu’s “ruran light” naturally attracted the attention of many smart home industry partners. It is understood that the health lighting “family barrel” released this time includes eight products, including lipro led downlight, cabinet lamp, light belt, bulb, footlight, intelligent ceiling lamp, driving power supply and electrodeless dimming panel, as well as the supporting launch of “lipro lighting design service”.

In fact, as far as the product itself is concerned, it has not brought us too many surprises. Most of the first new products are common consumer intelligent lighting products in the market. Lipro emphasizes to return to the origin of product experience and impress users with high-quality products. Over the past few years, although we have been used to the phenomenon of cross-border integration and dimension reduction, the news of selling lights by mobile phone manufacturers still makes the partners in the lighting and smart home circles talk about it.

Welcome to lipro

Talk about feelings, original intention and mission! The whole online conference focused on the quality of light source, design language and the highest standard for health protection. In addition to the intelligent ceiling lamp and electrodeless dimming panel, which will be launched later in Q1, the other six products will be officially sold in Meizu mall, tmall, Jingdong, Suning e-buy and Meizu authorized stores at 10:00 a.m. on the 6th. It can be seen that Meizu, which emphasizes the pursuit and love, has been ready for large-scale shipment at the beginning of new intelligent lighting products. The next step is to see the fans’ feedback on J. Wong’s customized works.

From LifeKit to lipro

When it comes to Meizu and smart home, early Meizu fans and people in the industry should still vaguely remember “LifeKit”. This is a built-in application based on the flyme system of Meizu mobile phone, which was released by Meizu in early 2015. At that time, LifeKit could realize the interaction between intelligent devices with the support of Haier U + platform and Alibaba intelligent cloud. It is understood that there were more than 100 smart devices revealed by Meizu ecology at that time, mainly focusing on all kinds of smart light bulbs, air boxes, scales However, times have changed. Some business people who participated in the docking and communication in that year said that LifeKit had a relatively shallow understanding of smart home at that time, and the authorities of the departments it undertook were limited, and the docking and cooperation only existed in the initial stage. LifeKit can only be regarded as an attempt of Meizu in its early days to build an intelligent hardware ecosystem around mobile phones.

Self owned product layout, can rely on the “home” to become the key to the circle

Although LifeKit’s exploration has come to an end, it has also made some exploration for the development orientation of today’s lipro. Meizu, once known as “small and beautiful”, did not choose such a big ecological route as Huawei, apple and Xiaomi. Instead, it launched its own smart home product system with the priority of home furnishing. It is not difficult to see that this is also one of the founders of domestic smart phones. After a series of adjustments in product line, channel and personnel structure, smart home has been taken as a new strategic transformation direction. It is also hoped that through the “one body and two wings” of smart home, smart wear and mobile phone business, a new development engine will be formed.

It can be predicted that Meizu lipro smart home will also adopt its own product system as the main line in the control and security products to be launched in the future. At the same time, Meizu stressed that it will build high-end smart home from the three directions of beauty, comfort and health, let good products access more platforms, and actively broaden the lipro platform agreement. However, this conference did not emphasize what kind of agreement is adopted by the first batch of new lighting products of lipro. From the situation that no control gateway has been released, new lighting products such as lipro downlights, light strips and driving power supply are Bluetooth or WiFi, which are more likely to be used as local connection.

In the era of ubiquitous connectivity of smart home, facing a larger range of device interconnection. Diversified product forms promote the integration of channels and the reconstruction of industrial value chain. In the face of the smart home market, which is already in a state of chaos. For Meizu, which has been marginalized in the mobile phone market, in addition to the test of capital and marketing, how to win the recognition of more consumers outside the traditional fans? It has become the first problem facing the intelligent recruit lipro.

Closer to users, need better products!

There are different opinions about Meizu’s move! No matter whether Meizu enters the market sooner or later, users’ demand for good products will never change. Under the wave of 5g + aiot technology innovation, smart home has already become an important breakthrough in the transformation and upgrading of Pan home field. The entry of more and more enterprises will attract the convergence of funds, talents and various resources, promote the cross-border integration of sales channels, and enable consumers to experience and use various forms of smart home products more directly.

For the application direction of integration, real estate, home decoration and consumption, the product form, supporting services and business model of smart home around the front decoration demand and back decoration consumption are increasingly clear.

In the face of the new 2021, we are looking forward to the emergence of more lipro, as well as more crossover, entry and exit. Thus, end users with different needs and different portraits can more easily choose the smart home products they need. From full house intelligence to full scene intelligence, what we hope to change is not only the transformation of terms, but also the firmer landing pace of smart home.

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