On the afternoon of October 23, at the Meizu 16t press conference, Meizu hd60 headset appeared together. Today, the headset is on sale for 499 yuan.

It is made of tanned cow hide, stainless steel sliding structure and new type protein skin earmuff, with good texture and comfortable wearing. In terms of color matching, in addition to the professional fog Silver Black, it also brings a new fashion color: tropical orange.

In terms of sound quality, it is equipped with a 40mm biological diaphragm large sound raising unit, an independent rear cavity to improve the low frequency, hi res certification, and also invited a Kun, a famous film and television composer, to tune in person, which ensures the sound quality of the combination of hardness and softness and moving heart.

A Kun said that Meizu hd60 is very suitable for listening to pop music. It has broad sound, full low frequency, clear and bright middle and high frequency, and is a high-quality headset that can not be missed by young people.

It is worth mentioning that hd60 can be easily manipulated by finger touch. Slide up and down: adjust the volume; Slide back and forth: switch songs; Double click: pause / play / answer the call; Long touch: wake up voice assistants such as aicy and Siri.

In terms of endurance, it supports 25 hours of ultra long endurance and uses type-C interface for charging.

Meizu hd60 headset sells for 499 yuan

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