Last year’s Meizu 17 series came late, and this year’s Meizu 18 series press conference was two months earlier than last year. Meizu must have polished Meizu 18 into a sharp sword and can’t wait to get out of its sheath. Different from the previous speculation, we thought Meizu 18 would adopt the 7Nm Xiaolong 870, and only Meizu 18 Pro would use the 5nm Xiaolong 888 processor. However, we were wrong. Both 18 and 18 Pro adopted Qualcomm’s latest and strongest flagship CPU Xiaolong 888. What kind of spark will Meizu, who has always been stubborn, bring to the mobile phone industry? The author started evaluation at the first time.

With the full popularity of 5g network, mobile phone manufacturers are competing for the title of “the lightest 5g mobile phone”, and Meizu has been eyeing the “lightest Xiaolong 888 flagship”. Meizu 18 weighs only 162g, which is the same as Apple iPhone 12, and its thickness is only 8.1mm. The large battery equipped with Xiaolong 888 and 4000mAh can achieve this lightness. The word “carving” is perfect.The three major pieces of Meizu 18 have reached the flagship level of the current mobile phone industry: Xiaolong 888 processor, full blood lpddr5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. When everyone’s flagship mobile phones are configured like this, it is necessary to test the manufacturer’s brain hole and technology investment. It is obvious that Meizu will not be difficult to win the top among the flowers.

Meizu 18 has three color choices: stepping on the snow, waiting for the wind and crossing the sea. This one in the picture is “crossing the sea”, with a slight blue light in the delicate silver, which is very like its hand feeling. Meizu 18 adopts an eight curve micro arc design, and the back shell is made of glass.At the same time, in order to present the feel of eight curve micro arc, Meizu 18 uses a flexible screen on the screen, which is the first time Meizu has launched a flexible curved screen, just like the earnest instruction of adults in the past: do not do it or do it best.The weight of Meizu 18 and iPhone 12 is the same as 162 grams. The right angle side of iPhone 12 is designed to slightly touch the hand, but because of this, you can hold the phone very stably; The micro arc design of Meizu 18 makes the curved screen, middle frame and back cover seamlessly connected. Although the weight is the same as that of iPhone 12, its grip feel should be more delicate and lighter.

In the side comparison, the middle frame of Meizu 18 is very thin and the gap is very small. It can be seen that the workmanship of Meizu 18 has been carefully polished. There is not much to say about the tradition of inserting A4 paper in the gap of iPhone 12 frame. It depends on your personal preference which side has a good hand feel at the corner edge and right angle edge.The Meizu mobile phone with the built-in Meizu 9 has the advantage of holding the game horizontally for the first time. Although the Meizu mobile phone with the built-in Meizu 9 has the advantage of holding the game horizontally, it is very convenient for users to hold the game horizontally for the first time. Although the Meizu mobile phone with the built-in Meizu 9 has the advantage of holding the game horizontally for the first time, it can also avoid the wrong edge.

Meizu 18 adopts the 6.2-inch Samsung original super AMOLED panel and the new E4 display substrate. Although it is the central hole digging front camera, Meizu has engraved the MX2 small circle breathing lamp in the flyme 9 system. Maybe this is the romance of engineers. The screen displays 120Hz high brush and 1080p resolution by default, which can be manually switched to 60Hz + 2K resolution (3200×1440). For the time being, 120Hz high brush and 2K resolution are not supported to be turned on at the same time.

The full range camera and the full range camera of Sony’s 6.8 million pixels are designed for the full range camera (6.8 million pixels), and the full range camera and the full range camera of Sony’s 6.8 million pixels are designed for the full range camera (6.8 million pixels).

Meizu 18 is first equipped with flyme 9 system. In addition to simplifying the new design of visual elements, small window mode, diversified live wallpaper and other functions, flyme 9 pays more attention to the privacy of users. Flyme 9 system is more strict in the “security check” of applications, records the behavior of applications, prevents third-party applications from stealing user data, and can “cheat” applications for fuzzy positioning. These functions will indeed bring users a real sense of security. In addition, flyme 9 system is a pure system, which does not interfere with advertising and has no mandatory pre installed application.

As Meizu 18 from the perspective of Meiyou, there are some feature updates worth mentioning: ultrasonic mtouch Qualcomm’s second-generation ultrasonic off screen fingerprint identification technology, with an unlocking speed of only 0.1 seconds, supports wet hand unlocking and blind operation unlocking; Moengine 4.0 tactile engine, the increase of linear motor size does not affect the thickness of the fuselage, and the motor amplitude is 15% higher than that of the previous generation. These upgraded functions combine with the lightweight fuselage of Meizu 18, and the feel is improved to a new height.

In response to the call of environmental protection, Meizu 18 is only equipped with a usb-c data cable in the packaging box without a charging head. Therefore, if you want to experience its 36W fast charging, you need to match it with a PD 3.0 or QC 3.0 / QC 4 + charging head with sufficient watts. According to the official data, it can be charged from 0% to 80% in 33 minutes.

Theoretical performance test

Meizu 18 An rabbit has a score of 720000, which can be achieved by Meizu engineers’ optimization of mobile phone resource scheduling and heat dissipation. Of course, it is also inseparable from the bonus of Xiaolong 888 and lpddr5.

Game test

Meizu 18 also pursues the game. Flyme 9 system adds onemind 5.0 optimization engine to minimize the fluctuation of frame number through more reasonable performance allocation. In addition, moengine 4.0 vibration motor and dual superlinear speakers, and then open the high frame rate game for fighting, which is simple, straightforward and enjoyable.

Yuanshen is recognized as one of the most mobile games that eat the performance of mobile phones. Although the number of frames fluctuates between 50-55 during the game, it can be seen from the data that this is a choice to weigh the number of frames and heat. The average frame of customized maximum special effects reaches 50.4 frames.

The thermal image shows that the maximum surface temperature of the fuselage is 48.5 ℃, which appears at the top of the screen, while the maximum surface temperatures of the frame and the back of the mobile phone are 47.6 ℃ and 46 ℃ respectively. It can be seen that Meizu has optimized the heat dissipation of the mobile phone. It is not simple to suppress the 888 with strong performance, especially the Meizu 18 with small fuselage, which will suffer in terms of heat dissipation.

The 90 frame update of King glory perfectly supports Meizu 18. The number of frames can basically reach 93, with an average frame of 91.9. The frame rate fluctuation is minimal. No matter how difficult the operation is, holding Meizu 18 can be competent.

Peace elite has not been updated yet. It supports Meizu 18 to turn on the high refresh rate. There is no pressure for 60fps full frame operation. The external stereo bilinear speaker is convenient for listening and position identification. You can easily eat chicken without wearing headphones.

Power consumption test

The power consumption control of Meizu 18 is very excellent. Among the current flagship mobile phones equipped with Xiaolong 888, it is the most power-saving one for the time being. The mobile phone weighs only 162g, and the 4000mAh battery must be stuffed. The allocation of system resources and energy-saving optimization must be considered. This performance is commendable.


Meizu mobile phones have inherited their perseverance from M8 all the way. They don’t want to drift with the tide. They just want to study hard what they think is good. Although there are many voices of opposition and doubt, the most resounding thing is that Meizu’s products really catch people’s eyes. Meizu 16 doesn’t do hole digging screen, Meizu 17 hole ring power display, and Meizu 18 pays equal attention to lightness and performance.The picture may not be enough to reflect the light and thin hand feel of Meizu 18. After touching it with your fingers, you don’t want to put it down. Now mobile phone users who want to buy a small and thin mobile phone can only choose non flagship models such as iPhone se2. Before Meizu 18 comes out, someone may say “you can’t have both fish and bear’s paw”. However, Meizu 18 is a mobile phone with both light and performance.

Editing: JQ

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