In recent years, with the development of Internet of things technology, a new generation of product public network interphone has been derived from interphone. The appearance design of the public network interphone is novel, and the LTE cat 1 the Internet of things technology has injected powerful power into the public interphone, including clear sound quality, video dialogue, unlimited distance communication, single call group call and other powerful cluster function advantages. This public network walkie talkie quickly occupied half of the talkie market, and gradually got rid of the public perception that the walkie talkie is bulky and ugly, and looks like a “big fool”.

As early as 19 years ago, MEG smart launched slm322, slm326 and slm328 LTE cat with superior performance and rich functions based on Ziguang zhanrui 8910dm platform 1 module products can give the public interphone powerful functional advantages:

Super 4G network coverage: LTE cat 1 based on the 4G Internet of things technology, the three major domestic operators’ networks are universal, which can break through the disadvantages of the traditional walkie talkie private network, which only supports short-distance communication; It has built-in rich network protocols (TCP, UDP, mqtt, ftp/ftps, http/https, lwm2m, COAP) to meet the market scenarios of various regions.

Stable data transmission: support the maximum downlink rate of 10Mbps and the maximum uplink rate of 5mbps, so that the intercom is not stuck, and the trunking communication voice is clear and loud.

Diversified size requirements: 22.9*23.9*2.4mm (slm322), 27.6*25.4*2.3mm (slm326), 19.6*21.8*2.4mm (slm328) small size packaging, meeting the diversified design requirements of public network interphone.

Multimedia communication: enrich pin definitions, meet the multimedia communication function of public interphone, and realize voice, video and data transmission.

Thanks to these advantages, the public network walkie talkie can open up a broader market and be widely used in many scenarios, such as traffic law enforcement, airport stations, hotels, logistics and transportation, port terminals, property security, construction sites, etc. In the situation of COVID-19 sweeping the world, the public network walkie talkie has developed its own excellent communication advantages and become the “right arm” of the epidemic sealing and control coordination.

Public interphone + medical treatment: the “son of heaven” of efficient medical treatment under the epidemic situation

The public interphone relies on LTE cat The module 1 shows excellent performance advantages and plays an important role in the medical rescue work in the epidemic situation. It can be said to be the “son of heaven” for efficient medical treatment in the epidemic situation.

During the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020, there were a large number of people infected with Xinguan. According to official data and information statistics, more than 42000 people rushed to Wuhan for medical assistance and countless medical supplies. There is no time to delay in solving the problem of efficient division of labor and cooperation among medical personnel and coordinating the distribution of medical supplies. As the voice of the mobile wechat group can not be instant communicated, the communication is not convenient, and the information is easy to be missed, it can not meet the requirements of efficient coordination of medical work.

The public network walkie talkie is the only choice for efficient collaborative operation of medical resources because of its quick and convenient real-time communication. Medical personnel can use the walkie talkie terminal, which can not only talk one-to-one, but also talk in groups. Under the coverage of the smooth 4G communication network, the real-time voice call is clear and smooth; The medical work data is transmitted in real time through the public network interphone, which reduces the time-consuming, labor-intensive and even cross infection risk of medical personnel contacting each other; When necessary, the video function of the public interphone can be used for “face-to-face” interaction and coordination, efficient scheduling of medical resources, and visual epidemic prevention.

Public interphone + community: acceleration of Community Grid Management

Cutting off the transmission chain and implementing community grid management is one of the most important means under epidemic control. Facing the huge monitoring and management objects, the distance coverage of the traditional walkie talkie is limited. The larger the power is, the larger the size is. It is inconvenient to carry. At the same time, it needs frequency modulation, and it is inconvenient to group. Relying on LTE cat 1. The coordination and transfer of community grid management personnel can respond to every call, and is no longer limited by distance.

Simple community “surveillance” cannot effectively cope with the severe epidemic situation. Equipped with LTE cat 1. The public intercom cooperative terminal system of the module can master and understand the situation of each building in the community in real time; Using the audio and video transmission function in case of emergency, the command center can know the on-site situation at the first time, conduct remote command and dispatch, and manage the “acceleration” for the community grid.

Public interphone + traffic: visualization of traffic law enforcement

To some extent, transportation is an important way for the transmission and spread of COVID-19. After the outbreak of the epidemic, in order to effectively curb the spread of novel coronavirus, all regions have taken certain prevention and control measures. However, the traffic roads in China extend in all directions. In particular, some expressways are remote and even surrounded by mountains and rivers. The manual notification is slow or even omitted one by one, and the traditional walkie talkie can not meet the long-distance communication transmission. And equipped with LTE cat The public interphone of module 1 can be called one to many, which breaks through the disadvantages of traditional interphone distance limit. Relying on the 4G network coverage of the three major operators, it can realize unlimited distance communication.

The public network walkie talkie has brought more help to traffic law enforcement management than unlimited distance communication. When the epidemic situation abates, the closure and control in each region will be lifted one by one. Maintaining the stable and orderly operation of social traffic is the first step to promote social production and business activities. Under the busy traffic, the noisy sounds are interwoven, which is inconvenient for traffic control communication response. However, LTE cat 1. The 4G network signal source equipped with the Internet of things technology supports clear and smooth voice calls through the public interphone, and its external public address design allows the traffic police to still hear clearly in the noisy crowd and traffic flow; When a traffic accident occurs, the traffic road management system interacts with the public network walkie talkie, which can remotely grasp the dynamics of the accident scene through audio and video, understand the accident situation in real time and conduct command and dispatching, so as to make the traffic law enforcement visible, accurate and convenient.

MEG smart LTE cat 1 module, injecting new vitality into public network intercom

LTE Cat. 1 the Internet of things technology has injected more new vitality into the public network interphone. In specific scenes and specific groups, the public network interphone has unique advantages that can not be replaced by traditional interphone and mobile phone. The slm322, slm326 and slm328 LTE cat Module 1 also continues to contribute to this product front.

MEG smart cat 1 module slm322, slm326 and slm328 products

At present, MEG Smart has launched a number of cat 1 module products (slm320, slm322, slm326, slm328, slm330, etc.) have been widely concerned by the market and commercialized in large quantities, and have won many bidding projects from China Unicom and Chinatelecom.

MEG intelligent has never stopped its action of truly helping social development and helping customers develop new products. We hope that through our mature design and development experience, we will continue to deepen the Internet of things industry, carry out R & D and long-term planning of a full range of products, so that Meg intelligent products can benefit both at home and abroad, and contribute to the digital transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries.

In the future, MEG smart will continue to work with more industry partners to provide high-quality, comprehensive and reliable module products and solutions for all walks of life, and inject more fresh blood into social production, life, operation and management!

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