On December 30, 2020, the 17th China Internet of things industry conference and brand grand meeting will be held in Guangzhou. Annual event invites you to discuss the development of Internet of things industry and appreciate the vigorous power of brand growth!

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As time goes by, the year is coming to an end

2020 is a year of great significance in the historical development of the industry,Under the test of the times, the strength of the brand is up against the wind


2020 (17th) China Internet of things industry conference and brand event

Time: December 30, 2020

Venue: Yihe Hotel, Guangzhou

The date of the conference is approaching. In order to let people in the industry intuitively understand the core content of the conference, we will split up the wonderful sections to explain the scene of the conference from multiple dimensions, so as to show you the peak of the conference!

1. Top10 witness the bright star “Oscar”

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As the author of the “industry wind vane” reputation of Huicong brand event, this year ushered in the 17th year. During this period, the market is changing, and the brand strength is growing savagely. Based on the market environment and enterprise development trends in 2020, the Organizing Committee of hcom brand event specially set up 14 awards to find the leading enterprises and engineering companies with outstanding ability and recognition in the industry.

After going through the tests of [wechat voting, engineering evaluation and expert evaluation], the top 10 list of 14 awards will be finally determined, and the winning enterprises will finally be on the award stage on December 30, and will be crowned with the highest honor in the industry. The awarding and coronation is intended to affirm the strength of the enterprise’s struggle, and it is also a powerful promotion for the industry to boost its confidence in development.

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[review of awards for some of the top ten brands in the past 1]

2. The lineup of authoritative senior guests has been upgraded again

As an annual event of the Internet of things industry, the Huicong brand event will continue to be a famous craftsman in the past, and its scale will be more powerful. Dozens of authoritative and senior industry experts will endorse the whole process of the event. The industry heavyweight guests, well-known media, and more than 100 elites in the Internet of things industry will appear in this conference.

The event once again gathered senior leaders, experts, investors, enterprise representatives, professional buyers, media representatives, etc. in the industry to upgrade the lineup on the basis of previous years, give full play to the influence of the brand event in a 360 degree all-round way, and jointly witness the birth of the top ten brands / enterprises in China’s Internet of things industry.

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[highlights of previous conferences 2]

3. A comprehensive interpretation of the great master’s theory of business opportunities

With 17 years of experience accumulation and continuous innovation, Huicong brand event has become one of the wind vane of enterprise development. While witnessing the birth and development of the brand, we can also see the opportunities and challenges of the industrial development from the HC360 brand event, and offer suggestions for the development of the enterprise / brand.

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[highlights of previous conferences 3]

In 2020, the top leaders will gather again to give a keynote speech on the future development, application practice, transformation and transformation of the industry. It is not difficult to foresee that the grand meeting will set off a brilliant thought feast with conflicting views at the end of the year.

4. Fortune dinner, a brilliant night of Internet of things

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[highlights of previous conferences 4]

This grand event will be composed of keynote speech, award ceremony, starlight red carpet show, fortune dinner and other major links, aiming to create an annual event of China’s Internet of things industry in 2020. In addition, the conference will continue to use the diversified expression of the past, push the event to a new height through the closed door fortune dinner, provide an exchange platform for specially invited guests, bridge the cooperation between enterprises, and help the industry to flourish.

In the new industry struggle, cutting through the thorns and being brave and resolute is the pronoun of enterprises under the changing market. Only enterprises with the characteristics of innovation, specialty, new technology, new thinking, etc., can make firm progress under the market test. Similarly, Huicong Internet of things & Huicong electronic network will not forget the original intention, and will be more and more firm in practicing the mission of helping enterprise development.

Huicong organizing committee sincerely invites all colleagues in the industry to come to the scene and feel the new force of brand and industrial development together

Salute the main force of the industry with a grand meeting

Explore new heights of Industrial Development

We sincerely invite you to commemorate this extraordinary 2020 with us!

On December 30, Guangzhou Yihe Hotel, there will be more surprises waiting for you to announce. We are looking forward to your arrival!

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