Yesterday (30), Zhongwei semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongwei company”) announced the launch of prism hit3 ™ MOCVD equipment is mainly used for mass production of deep UV LED.

Medium micro semiconductor launched MOCVD equipment for mass production of deep UV LED

It is reported that the micro prism series MOCVD equipment has entered most of the world’s leading blue-green LED manufacturers, and the prism hit3 launched this time ™ It is the latest product of micro prism series MOCVD equipment. The equipment is a key equipment suitable for the growth of high-quality aluminum nitride and high aluminum component materials. The maximum temperature of the reaction chamber can reach 1400 degrees, with excellent process repeatability, uniformity and low defect rate. The device is also designed for high output. 18 2-inch epitaxial wafers can be grown in a single furnace and can be extended to 4-inch wafers.

In addition, the device has a novel cavity design, can grow high-quality aluminum nitride process in high temperature environment, and has the industry-leading high yield of deep UV LED; At the same time, it has a long average cavity free maintenance interval to further prolong the normal operation time and improve the production capacity. Vacuum automatic transmission system can inhibit the generation of particles and reduce defects. The automatic lifting mechanism can facilitate maintenance operation and effectively save maintenance time.

According to Zhongwei, prism hit3 ™ Early customers of MOCVD equipment include Ma’anshan Jiesheng Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a leading domestic deep UV LED manufacturer. The company’s deep UV LED is widely used in the fields of household, medical and scientific research equipment.

Deep ultraviolet light has been used in the field of industrial and civil disinfection and sterilization for decades. It works by destroying the DNA of bacteria and viruses and making them lose their reproductive ability. Deep UV LED is used in sterilization lamps with different wavelengths, and has no pollution to the environment compared with traditional mercury lamps. The emergence of similar SARS, MERS and COVID-19 has led to a surge in demand for deep ultraviolet LED products. Deep ultraviolet LED products can eliminate these new microorganisms. The deep ultraviolet light in UVC band with wavelength of 260-280nm is the most advanced technical solution in this field (such as deep ultraviolet LED products of Jason semiconductor).

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