At present, in China, 27% of the urban population and 23% of the rural population die of malignant tumors. Nowadays, malignant tumor is one of the main causes of death in China.

In the future, with the aging of Chinese population, the incidence rate of cancer increased with the increase of age. The demand for cancer treatment will increase sharply. The demand for chemotherapy as a common treatment will increase substantially, which will undoubtedly bring higher demands for the existing medical mode.

Medical technology takes a small step forward and patient life takes a big step forward

In order to meet the growing medical needs, major hospitals in China are vigorously developing the “daytime chemotherapy mode” – patients only need to go to the hospital for infusion treatment during the day on the specified date, and can return home to spend time with their families at night. This model makes full use of the existing medical resources, can effectively alleviate the pressure of difficult hospitalization, improve the utilization rate of bed turnover, greatly reduce the risk of cross infection of tumor patients in the hospital and improve patient satisfaction.

Recently, the new “healthport implantable intravenous infusion port” launched by Baxter has added a few “temperatures” to this “warm heart” treatment mode. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, subcutaneous implantation, effectively reducing the risk of infection, easy administration, good news for long-term infusion patients and reducing pain and inconvenience.

Embedding a convenient and safe healthport not only brings peace of mind to patients and their families, but also creates more time for patients to get along with their families, so that they can return to normal life, open their arms, freely hug their families and share warm time. It is hoped that from this summer, cancer patients can get out of the hospital bed, return to life, go out to explore with close friends, play with family, laugh and hug with their loved ones, and personally feel the daily temperature.

Medical technology takes a small step forward and patient life takes a big step forward

As a large multinational medical enterprise that entered the Chinese market earlier, adhering to the corporate mission of “saving and extending life”, Baxter has been deeply engaged in China for nearly 30 years, covering the fields of Nephrology, acute and severe diseases, drug infusion, anesthesia, advanced surgery and parenteral nutrition. At present, Baxter has developed into a diversified and innovative medical enterprise across the pharmaceutical and device fields, building a whole industry chain serving the local market from R & D, manufacturing, sales to service, and providing rich medical solutions for Chinese medical workers and patients.

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