Nowadays, medical electronics has come into our lives. Intelligent medical devices are no longer only seen in hospitals. Small wearable devices have been put into our pockets. Personal health monitoring devices such as sphygmomanometers and blood glucose meters have won our favor. With the continuous development of medical electronics, the requirements of power consumption, performance and price have been improved, which has become a new round of challenges for medical electronic equipment. Reasonable solutions can meet the needs of people and the development of the market.

Reduce power consumption and realize micro and intelligent power management

In terms of circuit principle, it is necessary to build portable medical equipment, which requires low power consumption and wide voltage range, so as to achieve the system power management design with simplified design and small size. In order to meet the more functions of the system, from data interface, storage to calibration port, every gateway should be accurate, and the number of devices and power consumption should be reduced as much as possible to realize the intelligent integrated power management scheme.

High standard and high requirement to improve measurement accuracy

Taking the blood glucose meter system as an example, the system uses electrochemical reaction to detect the blood glucose level of patients, and the measurement accuracy is very sensitive to the change of temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the ambient temperature and avoid the instrument working outside the limit of accuracy. Improving the accuracy of sensors and other components is the key to improve the design of portable medical products.

The cost affects the people and the enterprise

In order to reduce the cost of the system, the internal temperature sensor of the chip can be used to calibrate, compensate the external temperature of the glucose sensor, provide accurate reading reference, corresponding to the actual temperature of the diode, and obtain the most accurate value for the package that needs external application. Single chip temperature sensor is an ideal choice for low-cost applications to ensure the accuracy of all measured data and reduce the cost.

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