It was learned that on November 20, the strategic upgrading meeting of Aikang group was held in Beijing. A series of reform measures such as “managed” physical examination 2.0, ikangai + and ikangnetwork + plan appeared in turn. “Embracing AI and exploring AI” became the core topic.

As an AI partner of Aikang group, Ni Hao, CEO of ETO medical, was invited to attend the meeting and deliver a speech. In the future, the two sides will carry out substantive cooperation in the field of child growth and development monitoring and screening and physical examination of multiple high-risk cancers.

With the rapid development and progress of medical artificial intelligence technology, the physical examination industry has been keenly aware that medical AI is becoming a good helper and second brain for medical and health service providers. It plays a great role in improving the efficiency of tumor screening, reducing misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis, tapping the potential of data and expanding application scenarios. It has become a necessary productivity tool for the upgrading of the physical examination industry in the new era.

Zhang Ligang, founder, chairman and CEO of Aikang group, said: the “managed” physical examination 2.0 strategy aims to empower the traditional physical examination through artificial intelligence and apply more innovative technologies to the whole process of health management, so as to help users find, diagnose and treat earlier. At the same time, in response to the call of National Health China 2030 “sharing and joint construction, national health”, Aikang will join hands with more than 300 public hospitals across the country to build a joint alliance of physical examination doctors and strengthen one-stop health management.

As a leading enterprise in medical artificial intelligence in China, Yitu medical has a leading matrix of medical artificial intelligence products and rich experience in AI implementation. Its care.aitm series of artificial intelligence applications cover many fields, such as intelligent imaging, intelligent medical big data, Internet pediatrics and so on. It has been implemented in hundreds of top three hospitals in China, and has completed the coverage of county and municipal regional medical centers in some provinces and cities.

Previously, Yitu medical has launched an “Ai cancer prevention map” plan covering 19 provinces, autonomous regions and hundreds of medical institutions, enabling early tumor screening with AI application, expanding the application scenario of medical AI from medical institutions to a wider field of health management, and promoting the health management of Chinese people into the “Ai +” era.

Ni Hao, CEO of Yitu medical, said: at present, Yitu medical mainly focuses on the three fields of cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and pediatric intelligent diagnosis and treatment. At present, AI cancer prevention map project has been launched, hoping to enable physical examination with intelligent tumor diagnosis and treatment system. In the future, artificial intelligence will certainly have great potential in the field of physical examination and subsequent diagnosis and treatment.

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