As the global 5g continues to advance at a high speed in 2020, 5g terminal sales will reach 200 million units, which is undoubtedly a new milestone in the industry. Strong machine first strong “core”, 5g chip in the past two years strong rise, can be said to be the current 5g sales soar. As one of the few 5g chip suppliers in the world, MediaTek has continuously released a number of Tianji Series in one year, whether it is Tianji’s horse racing strategy, or it is willing to pay a living, or it has accumulated a lot. In a word, in the field of 5g chip, MediaTek has returned to its true strength.

According to the latest news, lianfake has delivered 45 million sets of 5g chips of Tianji series this year, accounting for about a quarter of the annual sales of 5g mobile phones. As a 5g chip brand of MediaTek, Tianji chip, which will be launched in November 2019, can be said to have high hopes. It can be seen from the connotation of the naming of this chip by MediaTek that Tianji, one of the Big Dipper, has been a star guiding the direction since ancient times, representing Oriental wisdom. The brand-new 5g chip platform named after “Tianji” is seen by the outside world as an important oath and commitment of MediaTek in the 5g era.

As the first work, Tianji 10005g chip starts with 7Nm process, with standard apu3.0ai architecture and 5g dual-mode support. It will be mass produced in the first quarter of 2020. After the release of this chip, the high, middle and low-grade works around Tianji 1000 have been continuously released. As a result, we can see that in less than a year, MediaTek launched Tianji 1000 +, Tianji 1000L, Tianji 800 and Tianji 820 in a row, until Tianji 700 released before the double 11 this year.

In less than a year, MediaTek has released as many as six chips around 5g chips, maintaining the rhythm of one chip going on the market every two months. Such a speed is unavoidably astonishing, but it is more about the in-depth thinking behind its speed. It can be said that the strength of the chip comes from Tianji’s strength, and Tianji’s strength is nothing more than strategic foresight.

I still remember that during the MWC in Barcelona in 2019, I interviewed several senior executives of MediaTek one after another, leaving me with the most intuitive impression that MediaTek will focus on 5g and AI in the future. From the products displayed on the spot to the mouths of the interviewees, they all revealed their strong desire for 5g and AI, especially for 5g.

At that time, the most impressive sentence of the senior executives of MediaTek was: play well in the second half of 4G in 2019, prepare for the first half of 5g, and 5g opportunities are far ahead of 4G.

As we all know, 5g will bring more new possibilities on the basis of the original 4G by virtue of many features such as high speed, large bandwidth, wide connection, etc. One of these new possibilities represents uncertainty, and the other represents an infinitely bright future. As other chip manufacturers go step by step, MediaTek has taken the lead in deploying 5g, setting the main tone for its strategy in the next three or even five years.

In 2019, although many manufacturers will make 5g chip gimmicks, a very important criterion is whether they have SOC capability. At that time, MediaTek predicted that its SOC would be released in 2020, when 5g terminals would show a blowout growth in sales. However, according to Tianji 1000, which was launched in November last year, MediaTek is well prepared for the 5g chip battle ahead of time.

If the 5g chip in 2019 is just a “warm-up race”, then the 5g chip battle in 2020 has become a “normal race”. Although it is still years away from the “final”, if we can’t play the “normal race” well, it will be worrying whether we can enter the “final” in the future.

It is worth noting that MediaTek has clearly helped 5g chip to a new level again, and will launch 6nm high-end SOC in the near future, which also adds new strength to MediaTek’s impact on high-end market.

On the whole, with Tianji series chips, MediaTek has created a combination of high, middle and low-end fist configuration, 5g brand influence has soared, 5g industry leadership has gradually entered the hearts of the people, and this is also the change that the market most wants to see.

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