According to reports, MediaTek announced the release of its new heliop25 chip, further expanding the heliop family of mobile processors. The new chipset combines the advantages of 16 nm octa core technology, MediaTek imageiq image signal processor (ISP) and dual camera function to meet the needs of smartphone photographers.

MediaTek's new chipset supports LTE enhanced upload and envelope tracking module

MediaTek Helio P25 aims to provide first-class imaging, high-end photography functions and other innovative shooting technologies that make full use of the advantages of dual cameras of smart phones. Based on the series of heliop including P10 and P20, and combined with dual cameras, energy-saving technology and advanced multimedia functions, MediaTek heliop25 is an upgraded version.

Equipped with the hardware of imageq image signal processor (ISP) series, MediaTek Helio P25 integrates a variety of high-end photography, including shallow depth of field effect comparable to expensive camera lens and high-performance automatic exposure function, to ensure that users can take the highest quality photos in any light environment.

BDC heliop25 innovatively joins 12 dual ISPs:

High level resolution: support 24 megapixel single camera or 13 megapixel + 13 megapixel dual camera

Optimized dual cameras: color with noise reduction function + real-time shallow depth of field

High dynamic range imaging: real time preview of high dynamic range (HDR) video

High performance auto exposure: 3A hardware engine upgrade reduces exposure convergence time by 30-55%

“MediaTek Helio P25 paves the way for smart phone cameras with high resolution and rich functions to shoot stunning still images and 4k2k videos,” said Jeffery Zu, executive vice president and co chief operating officer of MediaTek. “With two cameras up to 13 million pixels, MediaTek Helio P25 P25 rewrites users’ expectations of smartphone shooting and multimedia functions, and continuously enhances users’ visual experience. “

Using 16 nm FinFET process, the power consumption of MediaTek heliop25 can be reduced by up to 25%. The 8-core arm cortex – A53 processor has a dominant frequency of up to 2.5GHz, which can consume less power but provide more power than other solutions. In terms of image processing, MediaTek heliop25 benefits from arm’s new 900 MHz mali-t880 dual core GPU, which can be perfectly applied to high-definition video and game applications.

The new chipset supports LTE enhanced upload (lte-tdd uplink 64QAM) and envelope tracking module, which greatly improves data transmission efficiency and reduces power consumption and heat.

MediaTek heliop25 further drives a new generation of technology, supports up to 6GB of lpddr4x (low power double data rate random storage), improves memory bandwidth by 70%, and reduces the power demand of multi task processing on memory, so that users can use their hands more freely.

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